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Pissed off yet?  You will be!
Pissed off yet?  You will be!
(The English Press at its lowest.)

I would have thought the English Press might have something slightly complimentary to say on the New Zealand vs England match.   Wouldn't you?  After all, it was an exciting, pacy, tense match with all the atmosphere and passion of a World Cup final.  There wasn't too much contoversy, was there?

But no...  think again!  For the most unbelievable, sour grapes, whingeing, moaning and ill informed pile of steaming shit you will ever have the displeasure of reading, follow the links below.

Well Scrum.Com must have seen the light, along with a truck-load of hate e-mails too, because they have removed this piece of journalistic tripe from their site, and good on them - not before time!
Paul McFarland writes for scrum.com, supposedly one of the Internet's leading rugby web sites.
His article is entitled:  New Zealand Cheat to Beat England  attributes the Kiwi win to blatant cheating and poor refereeing.

If that doesn't get really angry, this might:

David Walsh writes for The Sunday Times.
His article, entitled:  Lomu the Magnificent Black Destroyer Back to his Best puts the All Black victory down to one man, Jonah Lomu.  Without whom, apparently, we would have lost the game...

Interesting that neither atricle sees as important any points made in the other.  No mention of cheating in the Lomu article, and no suggestion that New Zealand would have lost without Lomu in the first.

And the English wonder why the only nation hoping they would win that game was themselves?  And why they are labelled "moaners"?   They should look at their Press as the major source of the "whingeing" label they are stamped with.


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If Paul McFarland thinks that kickers should have complete silence when lining up a kick, maybe he should start writing about chess! 
Then again, maybe he should just plain shut the F**K up!

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