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Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 11
Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 11
(Move aside Hoofhearted!!)

Score last round: 316. The trend continues, while my boys didn't produce a huge one they obviously did better than many others teams as my climb up the standings continues slowly but surely. I'm now 2nd in the Rugbyheads Conference (passing HoofHearted, take that Wobbly!), and 149th overall. The Mustangs are setting the pace for the conference though, and with only two rounds to go and a 230pt lead I can't see them getting caught unless HoofHearted or Cones Crusaders have a huge one, and the Mustangs don't. Heres hoping!

In the Tight Forwards, Flavell [1] got injured and was a total non-factor. Louw [40] and Maling [49] more than made up for him though. Flavell out for Matfield.

Young AB Loosies Holah [21] and Mccaw [29] were slightly disappointing. I might have to mix up the loosies this week I think, although it will depend on how many transfers I need to use elsewhere, both these guys are consistant at least. Mccaw is rested this week so in comes George Smith.

Inside Backs were the big producers, thanks to David Hill [80]. Flatley [18] and Burke [29] were ok but should have been better. Flatley not kicking in the second half for the Reds hurt his production and I will have to watch that, Tony Brown, Aaron Mauger and David Holwell are all looking like better pickups at the moment, and Andre Pretorious is a definite bolter worth considering. Hill out, Gaffie Du Toit in. He plays the Bulls, and I ain't going away from that game plan yet!

Continuing to pick on the Bulls paid off again in the outside backs with Randle [25], although his teammate Reihana had a better game, shame I didn't have him too. I got stuck with Doug Howlett [24] last week and he is staying this week too as transfers are at a premium, and Randell gets the flick for Terblanche.

Updates: Matfield in for Flavell, Smith in for McCaw, Du Toit in for Hill and Terblanche in for Randell. Quite a heavy investment in the Republic this week, hopefully it pays off!

Check the Why? column below for more details.

Cones Crusaders (Rugbyheads Conference) Roster - Week #11 Super 12 2002
Tight Forward
Round Points
Total Points
Player Value
Change from Last week
Louw, Hottie STM 0 0 $1347,500
Louw has been one of the top locks in the Comp so far.
Maling, Simon HGH 0 0 $1607,500
VH got benched and Maling is back from the BYE and should spend all day tackling the Brumbies
Matfield, Victor BUL 0 0 $1,465,000
Flavell, Troy
Troy is out for the season, and Matfield is right up there with the top FR locks in the game. My god, I have a Bull on my team!?!
Loose Forward Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Smith, George BRM 0 0 $2,257,500
Mccaw, Richie
Richie gets a res for the Crusaders this weekt, so in comes the top loosie in the comp, George Smith. I toyed with going for a SA player here but decided that George was the safe choice.
Holah, Marty CHF 0 0 $1,417,500
Holah stays, mainly due to lack of transfers.
Inside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Du toit, Gaffie SHK 0 0 $1,147,500
Hill, David
Thanks for the Bulls feast David! In comes the kicker for the next Bulls opponent, Du Toit. I am picking that the Bulls defence will continue to leak badly!
Flatley, Elton RED 0 0 $2,202,500
Flatley vs Burke in the kicking duel of the season!
Burke, Matt WAR 0 $2,550,000
see Flatley!
Outside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Howlett, Doug BLU 0 0 $1,945,,000
Dougie Howser gets to stay this week, mainly due to injuries forcing me to use my transfers in the Inside Backs
Terblance, Stefan SHK 0 0 $1,217,500
Randell, Roger
Wodger Wandell wasn't in luck against the Bulls, and I don't expect the Brumbies to give him much space, whereas the Bulls will get Stefan acres of it!


Let us know what you think!

Drug test that Pretorious guy, anyone who can score against the mighty Crusaders like that must be on something illegal!
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