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Crusaders dump their bogey team!
Crusaders dump their bogey team!
(For the Hurricanes another season goes down the gurgler with little or nothing to show for it)
At last that monkey is off our backs!!! Four long years of loses against an opponent which can only be regarded as mediocre can finally be put to rest. No longer can Hurricanes fans mock Crusader fans in that condescending way! :-)

What was most satisfying about this win was the manner in which it was accomplished. Rob Deans resting key players like McCaw was still able to field a team with to many guns for the hapless Hurricanes.

What would be most disturbing for the Hurricanes faithful would be the realisation that some of their big stars where overshadowed by their Crusader counterparts. Mark Robinson and Nathan Mauger looked the goods v "The Predator" Umaga. MacDonald has got the AB No.15. spot all to his own with the continued poor form of the normally excellent Cullen. The much vaunted Hurricanes loose forward trio where outclassed by Leo'o'o'o'o'o'o, Thorne & Broomhall.

Aaron Mauger is the best back in the competition! And probably the world.

Even Marika had a stormer for the 15 seconds he was on the field. In that time he scored 2 tries, trebled his tackle count for the season and showed more wheels than a wheely thing with wheels...on...it.

For the Hurricanes another season goes down the gurgler with little or nothing to show for it. The "maybe's" and "if only's" are repeated ad nauseum season after season. The facts are they lack disipline in key areas of the game (like the scrum, lineout, tackling, rucking, mauling, passing, catching, running...). If one day they iron out these problems they will certainly be up there on the pedastal. They have certainly got all the external features that should ensure success. A wonderful stadium and great fans. Maybe Mourie should go? Great All Black captain, but he just doesn't seem able to get this team firing on all its cylinders.

What is wrong with Cullen & Lomu????????????? Jonah had the "Mark Carter" head bandages on. Hopefully he hasn't got that nasty injury that affected Carter's career which meant having to tape up his ears to stop what little brain matter he had leaking out of his cauliflower ears. That sort of nasty injury can ruin careers. Cully looks like a thoroughbred at the moment. Probably Phar Lap...now. Pace has gone and seemingly has been taking catching lessons from Marika.

The biggest hit of the night would have to be that one on So'oalo which saw his head come flying off his shoulders, finding touch on the 22 - Crusader side of the field. I think it was that madman Maxwell again. The guy looks like he'd have a blood-stained chainsaw in the boot of his Valient, but what a tackler!!!

Another great win for the Crusaders ensuring top spot in the comp and hopefully a home final! Lets hope its against Otago.


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Ding Dong the witch is dead!...Or at least the Hurricanes are....

But get your facts straight DH, Max drives a Falcon...

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