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Nathe's NPC Preview, Week 5
Nathe's NPC Preview, Week 5
(Back again after a temporary absence)
Sorry about the lack of a preview last week everyone! I unfortunately had work - I know, I know, I shouldn't be putting work ahead of rugby... but of course you don't get in trouble for not doing these rugby previews. Anyhow I'm back this week. Ready for more action, excitement and rugger from the mighty NPC!

Friday, 13 Aug 19:35
Sheep Shaggers vs Wop Wops

The shield is on the line here. The shaggers are coming off a loss - is black Friday about to turn nasty for the middle-South Islanders? In a word, no. The Wop Wops are STILL without a single point in the championship, which must be a concern because both the Old Timers and the Oyster Chompers have 5 points - a full game and bonus point clear. The Shaggers will be looking to concede not quite so many points as they did last week. 59 isn't really acceptable for the Tri-Nations champs to give away in a single match. They can take some heart from the fact that they scored plenty themselves - but honestly the red and blacks should be disappointed with anything less than 5 points here, and the wop wops will STILL be sitting on a doughnut when I write next week's preview. Sheep Shaggers by 15-21.

Saturday, 14 September 14:35
Northern Dorkland vs Speights Guzzlers

With the Guzzlers not looking too flash against those problematic southerners and indeed the rest of the competition the Northern Dorks may just fancy themselves here. That said, the Northern Dorks couldn't even beat us last week so they might just struggle to get up for this, even at home. If either of these teams have aspirations for late October they really need to win. To win, the Northern Dorks should try and implement a Waikato style gameplan - run the blue and golds all around the park with your superior backs and hope your loose fowards are up to the challenge. The battle of the loose will be an interesting one with Flavell & Parkinson providing a contrasting style to Randell & Harding & co. Northern Dorks by 1-7.

Saturday, 14 September 17:35
Oyster Chompers vs Dorkland

There have been some good signs for the chompers in the past few weeks - they beat my Wastelands of course, they got a bonus point against the Shaggers and held the Guzzlers uncomfortably close as well. This week though I think reality may be about to bite. Dorkland have shown that their gameplan is to spin it wide, and with Howlett and Spencer on fire who can blame them? Unless there is some serious weather on Saturday the Dorks should blow them out of the water - a blizzard may be necessary and even then the Dorks should probably get home quite comfortably. Dorks by more than 21.

Saturday, 14 September 19:35
Windy Wet Wastelands vs Dairy Farmers WITH Bells

This is a huge game for the Wastelands - if we can win we're in the semis (famous last words), and if the Farmers w/bells win they're on 25 points and will be hard to overtake. This fixture has been one of the more unpredictable ones recently both in Super 12 and NPC. All that the Farmers need to do is to dominate us in the tight 5 and they've won. Cully and Tana have been showing some good signs over the last couple of weeks, but mind you so has the entire backline of our opponents. Looking for another big effort from our loosies if the Wastelands are to snatch this one, but I have my doubts. Dairy Farmers WITH Bells by 8-14.

Sunday, 15 September 14:35
Dairy Farmers WITHOUT Bells vs Bay of Old Timers
New Plymouth

At the start of the season the amber and blacks would have targetted this game so they could avoid the relegation battle. As it stands they have beaten 2 out of 3 of the S12 franchise holders and with a win here they should be comfortably in the top 4 come Monday. The Bay of Old Timers... a funny old team alright. I watched some of their match against the Dorks on Sunday and it seems to me that they have a classic case of head-dropping after they get a bad ref decision or a lucky try go against them. The Bay was very competitive early on but just got overwhelmed eventually as they stopped wanting to play. Dairy Farmers WITHOUT Bells by 8-14.

Standings after week 4

Dairy Farmers WITH Bells20
Windy Wet Wastelands14
Speights Guzzlers14
Dairy Farmers WITHOUT Bells13
Sheep Shaggers11
Northern Dorkland6
Bay of Old Timers5
Oyster Chompers5

Look who's not in the top 4 BT!!!


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