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A letter to Graham Henry and friends
A letter to Graham Henry and friends
(A loyal Cantab responds)
Is it just me or does anyone else out there get a devilish, contented grin on their face when they hear/read/see anti-Cantabrian statements.

Graham Henry is one. (see his recent comments courtesy of the NZ Herald).

He doesn't like Canterbury crowds.....*sob sob*......they weren't very nice to us.....*sniff sniff*. My heart just bleeds for him. Honest.

Murray Deaker is another.

He regularly comments on his radio show about how bad mannered he perceives Canterbury crowds to be. Not many Cantabrians ring up to argue the point. Maybe he thinks we all sit back & contemplate how right he is...."You know Deaks, I think you're right mate. We are pretty boorish & obnoxious."

The truth is of course everybody in Canterbury is too busy sniggering away knowing we've got right up his nose! Very satisfying.

I love the fact they feel the need to make a special effort to comment. It means we've got right under their skins. The fact they in particular are (transplanted) Aucklanders makes it all the more pleasurable.

Cantabrians are different from other NZ'ers. We don't feel the need to be anything else other than Cantabrians. More than anywhere else in the country we're happy with who and what we are. A recent household satisfaction survey, asking residents what they thought of their city, was undertaken by Consumer Magazine. It showed that the people of Christchurch loved their city and our council was rated top equal (with Nelson and two others) for providing us with an unequaled lifestyle. In contrast four of the five Auckland councils ranked dead last.

So who are the happy campers in this country?

The basic fact is this. It doesn't matter what anybody thinks of us. You can choose to comment on us...you can choose not to. Either way you are never going to change our attitudes.

We are one-eyed...and we're bloody proud of it! If you spend some time here you will soon see why.



Let us know what you think!

Here endth the sermon...

Amen brother DH!

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