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Nathe's NPC Preview, Week 8
Nathe's NPC Preview, Week 8
(Back again again.)
Spring has sprung! I finished my rugby-playing season almost two months ago and we're still not even in the NPC finals yet! And we've got a tour of Europe and Vernon's hemisphere farce still to come! Amazing - still, what would we do in the weekends if the season weren't so long? Even after the season is finally done I find not having any rugby on leaves a bit of a gap in the weekend and I find myself wishing the Super 12 on. Too much rugby? Never!

Friday, 4 October 19:35
Dairy Farmers WITHOUT Bells vs Sheep Shaggers
New Plymouth

The bubble has burst in the land of cattle - successive losses to the Wastelands and the Oyster Chompers (?!) have left this team cursing themselves. I didn't see either match but they got a bit of a hiding when they played us, I understand. Losing to the Oyster Chompers is never fun either - a bit worrying that both the Hurricanes sides lost to the same minnow this year... In the land of sheep-and-not-many-hills though, regular service has resumed. A record thrashing delt out to the Northern Dorks, 5 tries to Maddock, and the shield secure for what should be a cracker against the old rival next week. I hate to say this but the 'Naki really don't have an iceberg's chance in hell here. Those red-and-blacks are looking ominous again and should have no trouble cleaning up a minnow this Friday night. The Farmers will do well to keep the margin below 40 - let alone 21. Shaggers by more than 21.

Saturday, 5 October 14:35
Dorkland vs Speights Guzzlers

I'm looking foward to this one. Dorkland haven't beaten an S12 side yet and will be fairly keen to do so I'd imagine. Both these sides MIGHT be able to beat the Shaggers come finals time, but I'd only give them a chance if at home. The loser can kiss goodbye the prospect of finishing higher than the Shaggers as far as I'm concerned. I'll back the Guzzlers because the Dorks are coming off a 2-game losing streak whereas the Guzzlers are not. I'd also guess about 2 tries to be scored in the whole match if the option was available. Plenty of penalties, plenty of pressure. Guzzlers by 1-7.

Saturday, 5 October 17:35
Dairy Farmers WITH Bells vs Wop Wops

Come on. What's the point? Sure the Wop Wops finally ended their pointless season last week, but it was against another crap team. The Farmers with Bells are not a crap team - in fact I expect Roger, Bruce and Todd to get about 20 tries between them. It's about time the Wop Wops got a scalp though, could they maybe... nah. Dairy Farmers WITH Bells by more than 21.

Saturday, 5 October 19:35
Northern Dorkland vs Oyster Chompers
Oh the Northern Dorks - what's happening this season? Last year they beat the Shaggers, this year they've beaten the hapless Wop-Wops and the Old Timers. Just. Last week they got a lesson in rugby with over 60 points scored against them - the Oyster Chompers continued their annoying run of beating sides they shouldn't and then failing to back it up next week. That makes for bloody difficult rugbycomp picking. They're crap away from their beloved polar-stadium. Haven't won away from home since 'Nam. The Northern Dorks this year are bad. The Oyster Chompers are worse. Offer them 1 point from this game and they'd take it. Northern Dorks by 8-14.

Sunday, 6 October 14:35
Bay of Old Timers vs Wet, Windy Wastelands

With the Warriors on in the evening this game takes a bit of a back-seat for me. I don't know if I'll even bother watching - it's one of those games we should score 50 bazzillion points and have a bonus point wrapped up before the ref even has his socks on. Of course with the Wastelands you're never quite sure though, are you? If the weather is good then we should murder them - if it isn't, things might get horribly close. The long range forcast is good, so Wastelands by 21 or more.

Standings after week 7

Dairy Farmers WITH Bells29
Speights Guzzlers28
Sheep Shaggers25
Wet Windy Wastelands21
Dairy Farmers WITHOUT Bells19
Northern Dorkland12
Bay of Old Timers9
Oyster Chompers9

Wet Windy Wastelands versus Dorkland looms as the determiner of 4th. In the relegation stakes the Bay of Old Timers look in the deepest poop. With games againt the Wastelands and the Farmers WITH Bells which they are unlikely to get anything from as well as significantly damage their already shakey point difference yet to come they'd better try and fling the ball about a bit to pick up a 4-try bonus somewhere. Otherwise their hopes will lie in the prospect of the Oyster Chompers securing a draw or win next week against the Wop Wops. With the Mighty Hawkes creaming everyone in their path, a promotion-relegation match will definately be something to avoid.


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I'm still firmly denying any truth to the origins of the dubious Sheep Shagger nickname but we certainly shagged those boys from North Harbour last week, hopefully we can do the same to the Naki this week!
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