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Re-addressing the Balance of NZ Rugby
Re-addressing the Balance of NZ Rugby
(Not that we have much against provincial bias but...)
You know sometimes you can take bagging on the chin. And then there is Television.

There is something so powerless about watching TV (and listening to the Radio News) if you live south of the Bombayís. I know that there are a huge number of people living up there, but are there so many that an Auckland bias can seep into nationwide broadcasts with impunity?

Well, yes... one would have to conclude so.

But in case you think that this is going to be a meaningless rant, I have something to show you that I hope will readdress a somewhat interesting phrase that has appeared since the weekend. Namely: "The balance of New Zealand Rugby has shifted back to the North!"

(Please note the exclamination mark. The way it was said may mean that my quote above has far too few.)

Of course I could just say that this is obviously bull-sh*t. But then you could as easily be able to ask me, "Why? Those two teams are in the final, isn't that's all that matters?"

Well I would like to think that there is more to the New Zealand Rugby Union season than the NPC finals.

Both Waikato and Auckland are fully deserving of their final's place, but there has been another finals series this year. I don't remember a North Island team being in that one, or in the Super 12 semis for that matter.

So letís take it as read that everybody has had their moment this season (except Wellington perhaps). Who was the best overall?

Letís decide it with points, those being unarguable and at this end of the season solid fact.

Here are the total points per New Zealand Super 12 province for Super 12 and NPC competitions:

Super 12 Competition Points
Combined (NPC div 1) Competition Points for Super12 franchaise
Feeder Teams
Total Competition Points per Region





North Harbour


= 78 points






Bay of Plenty


= 68 points








= 72 points






= 84 points








= 77 points


Now the more observant will note that Northland's 11 points don't appear in this table. Sure they are a feeder for the Auckland Blues, but I'm sticking with the best 2 teams in each province.

If you feel happy with needing 3 NPC teams to beat Canterbury's 1, you go for it!

Also where should we stop? Surely we could add all the points from 2nd and 3rd division teams? Well, if you want to, go for it. Please let us know the result.

Back to the table. The most interesting / controversial issue: Waikato's remarkable NPC result didn't lift their average any higher than 5th overall.

When you compare them to Wellington, the missing ingredient appears to be a strong 2nd team in the province. If only...

There are other talking points, but I will leave that to the discussion board - except for the one we started with: North of North Island (including Northland) 156 points - Vs. - South Island 161 points.

You may say that the Super 12 is history, but history in the form of motivation (the Chiefs / Waikato say) and body stress (Canterbury say) cannot be ignored.

Let's say that the balance of New Zealand Rugby has evened out!


Let us know what you think!

Marvellous effort SG, it takes a genius to use statistics in such a creative way, and what's more you cunningly used them to proclaim that Canty is the best, brilliant!

Of course if some smartass comes up with an alternative interpretation we'll just include 2002 All Black caps per province in the calculations, that'll screw em!

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(Although it could have just been on the Reload button doing some serious ego padding!)