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Ireland down Australia. Where are the Wallabies?
Ireland down Australia. Where are the Wallabies?
(injured, jet lagged, playing in the wrong position, or all of the above)
I have been away for the last couple of days so only just getting around to this. In other words the cuts on the wrists are just starting to heal.

Well first of all I go into the excuse file:

It was wet. With the current drought going on it confused and frightened the wallabies as we arenít too sure what water is doing falling from the sky! What next Kiwis living in Bondi not on the dole?

It was another bloody kiwi ref. Just cause we have the two trophies that matter: the Bledisloe and the World cup (yes they are in order of importance). No Iím not hurting. And Mortlock did score that try.

Its summer and we should be playing cricket instead.

There are too many injuries and we only had a B side. Please ignore he fact that the kiwi C side ran in 4 tries against the Poms. Nor the fact that Woods wasnít playing for Ireland (thank #### could you imagine the score line?). Also ignore obvious questions about depth.

We are relying on Chucky to cobble together a team who are all playing in the wrong positions. (This is a genuine gripe and for the kiwis the rest is satire. I just thought I would point it out for you).

For the real reasons please stay tuned (another injury). Well done to the Irish its looks as though both you and Otago pinched the old Qld game plan. Drive the ball deep into oppositions territory and wait for them to make a mistake. Then exploit it fully. At one stage there I thought I had gone totally colour blind and green was maroon.

OíGara had that ball on a string and he pinned down the wallabies with great tactical kicking (another thing the Wallabies donít have in their limited arsenal). Then the cheating kiwi ref kept seeing Wallaby hands in the rucks. I mean he would have known whose they were but the Wallabies were actually wearing long sleave jumpers for the first time in the last 5 years. The Irish played the perfect wet weather game.

When it was late into the first have and the Irish are up 9 nill, I had the first inkling that we were going to lose when I saw Burke line up for the kick. Shit talk about not trying to play positive. In the last 2 games they have only managed to cross the line once legitimately. (Fume! Fume! Bloody kiwi refs. It was a better efforts than Lomuís, which was awarded.)

Where is this so called commitment to attacking rugby. Hell the changes that should be made are not be made. Flatley needs to play a full game at 5/8 and move Larkham back to fullback and it is time for bye bye Burkey. How on earth can you expect people to work miracles in less than 10 minutes. At least it wasnít the last 30 seconds like it was against France when the sub was made.

I actually enjoyed the game and it was played in great spirit with no unnecessary agro going on. After last weekís game (just how many days were they in the air again last week? Bring back tours. While Iím on the subject it is stupid to expect Gregan to fly back and forth from Eng to Aus and then expect him to play.) the wantabees probably didnít realise they were playing rugby as there were no eyeballs being examined. In my opinion the Irish play was far better than the English who had more hands in the breakdowns than Kiwis with hands out in Aussie. (Another game to lose this weekend.)

There are a couple of things that must be stated in the Wallabies defence. If Mortlock is ever considered for any other position than outside centre then Chucky should be up against the wall and shot.

T. Kefu will be next to impossible to replace after the world cup when he is expected to put out to stud. Freier showed some promise around the park but still needs some work on throwing the ball in. Another question has to be asked how did he make the tour again after playing S.F.A. Super 12?

There is fundamentally a problem in the attacking play of the wallabies. Before they were content to hang on to the ball and exploit the situation after 7 plus phases but now they canít hang on to the ball for that long. (at least this is getting better) Lets bring back the Ella brothers to spice up the game plan (hell it worked for NSW over the last two years. Okay so they donít have commitment when it counts but at least they played positive rugby until they were put back into their box by Qld).

By the way I am looking forward to seeing what Slack can do with Qld this year.

Oh well back to the cricket. Go Hayden!! At least we will win that 5-0 and retain the ashes as sure as #### we wonít see the cook cup on this side of the equator this year. By the way when we send our B/C side we wonít loose 76-0 (maybe I shouldnít have mentioned this until after the game is played?)

No I'm not bitter!


Let us know what you think!

The obvious questions are:
a) What would the scoreline have been if Keith 'Uncle Fester' Woods was playing?
b) Where the hell is the depth in Australian rugby? c) Will the Aussies ever wear long-sleeve jersies again?

(for you Aussies, I am being satirical...)

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