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Why Mitch is not the man
Why Mitch is not the man
(Mitch, I'll show you to the door...)
It is becoming increasingly difficult to work out what John Mitchell is trying to achieve, and to be honest I am losing faith in the man.

At the time he was nominated, and duly crowned All Black coach, there was an almost palpable relief around the country. The All Blacks would soon return to their legendary roots. Here was a coach from provincial New Zealand. A good tough ex-forward with old fashioned straight-talking no pissing about kiwi-bloke values. No more corporate spin doctors, media speak and fancy fluff.

Wrong!! Totally wrong it seems... Did or did not John Mitchell yesterday state that the management team are "not outcome driven" in their selection policy...?

Not Bloody Outcome driven?? Jesus Christ! Does that mean they don't care about winning? Thats how I read it.

Which management bullshit book did he learn that one from anyway?

The media policy is also strange. If he wants my support he needs to talk to the nation. We get nothing but carefully staged Press conferences these days.

Look at Rugby League. We get interviews with everyone and everyone important to the game, right up to and during the big game.

Not so with Mitch, who seems to have our All Blacks locked away from the media until a script has been written for them to answer questions from.

Next, selections.

First. In his words... I think... Roughly... The tour is being used to give experience to the 2nd tier players and build up player depth for the World Cup. Fair enough.

So why have some of the squad not even had a run yet?

Rodney So'oialo is an exciting player. But despite our forwards being destroyed by the French, he wasn't brought on at all in the game.

Regan King receives the same treatment.

Devine was clearly the first-choice number 9 at the start of the tour. But after getting injured he slips back to number two for the French game?? Or was he still injured? I don't think so. He was on the bench after all.

So now we have all the new boys starting in the last game. Umaga playing out of position. Its too weird.

Surely coming off the bench in pressure games is better experience than a one-off against Wales with players around you you have never played with before?

Poor old Ali Williams goes into the French game as our only legitimate lineout jumper. Rather than being given a chance to shine, he and Andrew Hore come out with their confidence sorely dented after the French ruthlessly exploit the selection stuff-up. Not exactly "growing" young talent if you ask me.

Sorry Mitch, but it's all too confusing for me. You hardly talk, and when you do, you talk shit. Your selections don't make sense and you aren't winning games. I'll show you to the door.


Let us know what you think!

Excellent. As the obvious choice for Mitch's successor I am off to put the finishing touches on my CV.

Robbie can keep his job as assistant coach, and I will of course need a few more Cantabs on the selection panel.

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