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NPC : Canterbury vs Auckland
NPC : Canterbury vs Auckland
(How sweet it is)
Jade Stadium

What a pity!

All together now!.......ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Auckland what a shame! It must have have been absolutely SHATTERING to have a legitimate try disallowed and THEN to lose the game in the final minutes to a super drop goal by Daryll Lillie.

GUT WRETCHING stuff...yeep, really sad. Especially when you consider the circumstances surrounding the game. Canterbury's winning streak was 5 in a row against the Auks. That must be giving them the SH*TS in itself.

Just a tragic set of circumstances. Add in the extra spice like knowing the home crowd really hates you. The devastated looks on the Auckland players after the game said it all. Losing to Canterbury 'B'.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..........

I found this victory particulary satisfying. Its like stuffing salt laced with chilli peppers into the wound & wrapping it with sandpaper!

It's satisfying because Auckland still has that spoilt brat attitude. With all the justified penalties dished out against them they still had to question the ref at every turn. Lost count how much that carthorse Michael Jones went away nodding his head after being penalised. For a supposed role model he's doing a pretty awful job at it (IMHO!).

Anyway the game itself was a tight affair. Auckland dominated territory but the Cantabs had most of the possesion. Fortunately our boys, in front of a passioniate & parochial crowd, displayed the never say die attitude that they are famous for.

Angus Gardiner had a stormer! In fact the whole forward pack really played very well. Apart from Matt Sexton's lineout throwing, which was attrocious and put us under unnessessary pressure throughout the game. (although I read in the Press on Saturday that Canterbury suspected that Auckland knew their lineout calls, so they changed them at half time, and the lineouts were a bit better in the second spell.)

Toddy as usual led from the front. The man is a legend! Our scrum completely overpowered Auckland crushing them on a number of occasions.

Ben Blair continues to impress & another youngster Aaron Mauger showed his enormous potential at first five with some sweetly timed kicks & evasive runs. Funnily, up until Lillie's drop kick I was yelling abuse at him!!....after the kick I always rated him! : - )

Of the Dorks?...who cares!

A good win to the Cantabs. Keeps us in the race for the semi's. Good to see the Otago boys also scoring a good win against Counties-Manukau.


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