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The Crusaders winning streak against the Hurricanes continues!
The Crusaders winning streak against the Hurricanes continues!
(a sight that all Cantabrians like to see...a win against Wellington!)
22nd Feb, 2003
Super 12 2003, round 1
Crusaders vs Hurricanes
Jade Stadium
Referee: Paddy Obrien
Halftime: Crusaders 11 - Hurricanes 8 Fulltime: Crusaders 37 - Hurricanes 21 I am not sure what it is that creates such satisfaction for us. Maybe having to sit through too many Murray Mexted/Grant Nisbett pro-Wellington ramblings! If only the Wellingtonians could back up their talk with action on the field. As per usual you hear the same old crap - the brilliance of Cullen & Umaga. The reason why these 2 superstars seemingly have less impact than they should always comes down to one thing. The ability of the Wellington forwards! Having finally ditched the mentally challenged types (Waller a prime example), maybe some disipline will sneak into their ranks. Unfortunately this won't aid their firepower! It looks like another season where the talents of Cullen & Umaga will be wasted. A hard fast ground & a pleasent evening meant a large red 'n' black crowd was in attendance. This did not include the RugbyHeads contingent, who preferred the more pleasant confines of Cone Stadium to watch the game. The only blight on the evening was Wobbly's unpleasent flatuence problem which reached potent levels during the evening. The odd little fart (with associated foul smell) is part & parcel of any rugby watching experience. In fact normally it provides an amusing side dish to the main course. But what transpired on Saturday night was truly disgraceful & the right authorities should look into the matter as soon as possible. The general consensus was that Wobbly should seek medical attention. I'm sure Wobbly's family will back up this suggestion. The game itself was a fairly exciting affair for a first up game. Fair to say that the Crusaders dominated from the opening whistle making the Hurricanes look like the strugglers they are. That may sound uncharitable and I'm glad. Once again (as in the previous 13 straight wins) it was the Crusader forwards that set up the win. At times it look as if the Hurricanes scrum consisted of 8 Mr Blobby's as the Crusaders drove a wedge straight through their brittle underbelly. Chris Jack dominated the lineouts & Brad Thorn had a monster of a game, especially on cover defense. Thorn is a very popular character in Canterbury. The Canterbury loose forward trio dominated their opponents, although Rodney So'oalo & Jerry Collins did their best to keep the Hurricanes in the game. The standouts in the Canterbury backs had to be Daniel Carter & Justin Marshall. Carter is another in the assembly line of inventive, fast, Canterbury born & bred inside centres. Another All Black in the making. Meg Marshall showed the benefits of being able to prepare properly for a rugby season for the first time in years. Apparently he worked hard in the off season improving his speed off the mark & it showed. Seemed to help his ball delivery from rucks etc as well. Marshall looked extremely sharp. For the Hurricanes Umaga stood out like a beacon. Despite limited opportunities he broke through the Crusader line on a number of occasions looking extremely dangerous. Another standout would have to be Christian Ormsby. Made ground most times he had the ball, and is a big unit! All in all a great start to the season. The Crusaders winning streak is now at 14 in a row. GO THE CRUSADERS!!!

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Wellington are CRAP! Hee hee...
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