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A new addition to the Voodoo doll collection
A new addition to the Voodoo doll collection
(Crusaders put the Reds to the sword)
  • Jade Stadium, Canterbury
  • Sat 1 March 2003
  • Crusaders 34 : Reds 6
  •  half time 18 : 6

Well ####ing Ha Ha.  Look Slack and the rest of the Reds side I just donít get the joke!  Last year the forwards were a liability and this year itís turning into the backs.  It must have been Nathanís article on the Super 12 preview.  Fancy someone else expecting this side to reach the finals.  You gave the side the bloody kiss of death.

Thatís it Huxley has made the voodoo doll collection.  This bloke certainly canít read the play.  Mr Datsun 180B (curtesy Roy a& HG) with no options.  My God what the hell is he doing there?  I reckon I swap his brain with that of a Guatemalan roosterís and it would have more of an idea in what to do in attack.

Hell the Qld forward pack dominated the game, in the first half, especially around the R&M and they certainly recycled the ball effectively.  They gave enough ball out to the backs but the execution and choices in attack by the backline meant that all the effort was wasted.

The best move I saw the Reds put on was the old Flatley, Steve Kefu and Tune combination.  Ok so it resulted in being robbed by the third umpire but itís the only time I saw them cross the line.  They need to get this combination back together as quickly as possible.

The Crusaders exploited every opportunity effectively.  That dodgy scrum turnover because the Qld scrum engaged too quickly was a real sign of the refereeing quality that the Super 12 suffers every first 3-4 weeks of the competition.  Some former Bronco then gives an example of what he used to do in that other code.

Latham gets a few beauty tips courtesy of the crusaders and all of a sudden the Crusaders are in for another try, while Latham gets a few stiches.  The backline soon develops into a farce and is well exploited.  Okay so Latham is off and they have to bring in a sub.  Move Huxley to fullback where he can at least use his long kicking game and then move Atkinson into the centres.

Then the satellite link is down and I get to watch the ďSorry for the inconvince logo: Normal services will resume shortlyĒ for 2 minutes and all of the sudden I have got no idea what has been going on. 

Shortly after halftime I get a phone call.  Then after I finally stop getting talked to... hey presto its 34-6 and I donít bother to watch the replay.

The crusaders defensive efforts combined with poor decision making in the Reds backline meant that the Crusaders were able to dictate terms once they got hold of the ball.

Now I have to find that bastard that has been jamming the pins into their collection of Reds voodoo dolls that is causing all the Qld injuries!  Now apparently Latham is out.  And it looks as if the weakness I pointed out in the season Reds preview are coming true damn it.

Thatís it I am not looking forward to next week versus the chiefs.  Thankgod itís a bye in Round 4 and I wont have to write another losing match report.  I am not going to comment about week 5 though.  At least it wasnít 5-0 to Alinghi and I can watch the QLD dictate terms in the cricket.

Hell if the Bulls pick up another win next weekend I am going to jump on that bandwagon.


Let us know what you think!

I never thought I would live to see a one-eyed Queenslander lose faith in his team! Pre-season he's talking them up as playoff material and then after a close loss to one 2002 finalist and an away lose to the reigning champs all of a sudden it's game over.

Snap out of it Geeves, at least your boys have lost to classy teams, it's not like they went down to the Sharks or the Bulls... :D

In any case, I promise I'll put away my Reds voodoo dolls next week, all my pins will be require to skewer that fijian flash and his show-off mates...

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