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Blues sever Crusaders winning streak 39 - 5
Blues sever Crusaders winning streak 39 - 5
(Fitzy dances a jig)
What a night for the Blues and New Zealand rugby. The reigning Super 12 champions, unbeaten since the cat died, had come to town. A capacity crowd, perfect ground conditions and our new mascot Bluebeard, was flashing his sword. The match ups were endless, but I expected the Crusaders to hold an edge in the forwards, especially with the Blues missing Xavier Rush. An early try to Rupeni and a great goal from Carlos got our hearts pounding. But back came the Crusaders through Carter and Robertson finished off with the try. Usually when someone throws a punch,that connects, its yellow card time. But this was Reuben Thorne, the All Black skipper. Still, we kicked the goal and went out to 13-5. I have to also mention a stiff arm from Brad Thorn. Must have thought he was still playing League. Just on half time the Crusaders threw the kitchen sink at the Blues line, but a little luck and fantastic defence kept them at bay. Who would have believed what happened in the 2nd half. I for one would have been happy with just a win, but the margin......wow. A combination of brilliant rugby from the Blues and great defence, coupled with numerous mistakes from the Crusaders soon had the result a foregone conclusion. Even with 14 men for the last 10 minutes, not Troy this time, it made no difference. Carlos deserves a special mention, goose step and all. I'm sure all you Cantabs, DH, Jules and Wobbly, watching on the telly at Cone Castle would agree. I'm not goin to gloat on this result......much, cause if it was played down south, I'm sure the result could change. And God help the Chiefs.......

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I blame Jules and the boys, turning their backs on the Cone Stadium tradition and going their seperate ways to watch the game (I hear that some of them didn't even see the game!!) What sort of supporters are you boys?!?

Borrowing Fitzy's fine metaphor it's obviously time to kill another cat, where's that annoying Highlanders mascot when you actually want him around!?!

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