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The Cantabs go DOWN!
The Cantabs go DOWN!
(The Lion roars in the house of Jade)

Yet again this season the Cantabs show that they are consistantly inconsistant! Another patchy performance allowing a great Wellington win.

The Wellingtonians have been the biggest enigma in NZ rugby. For the 3rd largest province in population their record has been extremely poor the last 18 years. They really have been awful. Its hard to judge whether they have finally turned the corner in their rugby with this win against us...they could just as easily play Southland tomorrow & lose! Hey wait a sec....that sounds like the Cantabs at the mo! : - )

Hopefully the building of the magnificent WestpacTrust Stadium, which is a significant investment in the future of Wellington sport, will be the spur that the province needs.

Its funny though....yet again I don't think the Cantabs actually played badly (apart from some very average goal kicking!). Sure the likes of Mauger, Blair and Lilley made mistakes, but in the case of Mauger & Blair they are very young & are still showing loads of potential. Look at Chris Jack! He had a storming game.

One definite weakness is at halfback. Aaron Flynn's passing game looks worse than the 'Swedes'!!! Hard to believe....but true! Another weakness is the dodgy decision making in some parts of the game by most of the backs. In contrast the experienced David Holwell made us pay on occasions.

Wellington really matched us up front, with our guys getting increasingly frustrated. The ref penalised our front row for collapsing the scrum 4 times in a row!!!...I'm sorry, but in what is normally a 50-50 decision I thought those decisions where complete bollocks!! It wouldn't have changed the result however as Wellington did deserve to win. But again in the forwards no-one really played badly.

I guess the moral of the story is "You can't win them all!". Given Canterbury's patchy form this year they will either go out & thrash North Harbour by 50 odd points....or they'II lose by 20!!! A win is essential just to secure they're 4th consecutive NPC semi-final spot.


Let us know what you think!

Such a shame to give the Wellington boys something to crow about though, I'm not sure if they will be able to cope with the success!

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