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The Blues training run against the Reds
The Blues training run against the Reds
(No I'm not putting in the score and Rant included)
  • You all know the score!
  • And I ainít writing it.

 Ten Positives from the match

  1. We donít have to play the Blues again this season;
  2. I will get to write less match reports concerning QLD this year as we arenít in the finals;
  3. The Reds scored three tries equalling their highest number of tries scored this year.  This is exactly:
    • 2 more tries than the crusaders scored against the Blues in their 34 point loss;
    •  one more try than NSW scored against the Blues in their 13 point loss
    • the same number of tries the Chiefs scored in their 3 point loss but then again the Blues only had 14 players.
  4. QLD was the first side to stop Rupeni Caucaunibuca from scoring a try, so far, this year (I will not mention the other 9 tries they romped in);
  5. The bench got a good run;
  6. Herbert and Kefu are back from injury;
  7. Heenan will be starting next week;
  8. We only had one injury during the game (Sharpe could be out for some time) and that is better than most games this season;
  9. I didnít have any money riding on the game and the NSW and Crusader supporters didnít drop around and watch the match; and
  10. We didnít loose 96-19 like the team that has never beaten QLD did versus the Crusaders.

Look on behalf of QRU supporterís worldwide I apologise for that effort.  The Blues were just too good.  Spencer finally has the personnel around him that can play his style of game and they are revelling.  This provides a dynamic entertaining spectacle that all rugby enthusiasts love to watch (except when they are destroying your side).

QLD errors

Okay I was slightly concerned when the Blues got their first two tries and I was thinking to myself, just remember last year when they bounced back and ended up winning a finely fought contest.  Well the fight back did start and it was looking good when Cockbain crossed the line (ironically they don't normally get awarded) and the game was back to 9-point differential.  Then, next weeks pine rider, butchered two lineouts and the Blues muscled over via a rolling maul for their third try of the match and from then it was all over.

Handling errors; missed tackles; the front rowís scrumming ability; and a lack of possession are killing the Reds (possession also normally leads to territory). These things must be rectified before a game will be won. Didnít I mention the same thing after the Crusaders game last year?

While a lack of speed all over the park is stopping them from get over the gain line.  And the difference between the two sides couldnít have been more apparent.  Slow recycling from the scrum meant that the forwards had to slowly work the ball up field (without Sharpe next week, one of the tireless workers) while the Blues muscled up, cleaned out the sides and provided quick ball to players running onto the ball at speed (where was Fairbanks as he did that against the Chiefs?)

Slack threw in the towel when he subbed of Flatley for the latest addition to the voodoo doll collection (no his name will never be written by me again).  Slack you took over the reins last year cause the Reds werenít winning or playing positive rugby.  Last year at the same stage the Reds had won 2 games and had scored 13 tries to this years 7!!

This year it looks as though the Reds peaked after the first 21 seconds of the season when Latham scored that try.  From then on it hasnít been pretty to watch and this is the fourth time I have had to try and find BS excuses.

National Issues

The Reds efforts and the season to date had reinforced my opinion that until Australia gets a national union competition, we are going to struggle for depth as all the fringe players keep going overseas.  While the remaining players are involved in intra-state domestic competitions where the standard is not high enough, so that when injuries do occur that, the second teir players often struggle to plug the gap.  Both NZ and SA have produced quality players this year that I didnít see in last years Super 12 comp.  Isnít it something like SA has 75 new players in their 150 man squad from last year?

The remaining Reds season

Well the Reds season is on the line next week.  Thatís right it is the most eagerly awaited interstate clash in Australia, the QLD versus NSW game next weekend in Sydney.  QLD season is riding on that game if we donít win against our bunnies I will have nothing left to defend myself against the NSW supporter who occasional defiles my house.  If we win that game the season wonít have been a total waste.


Let us know what you think!

Hmm, a very dubious list of positives their Geeves. Once I saw the scoreline in this one (62-20 by the way) and noted that Rupeni didn't score I wondered if big Wendy would be continuing to stick to his pre-match arguement that he would be happy with his game if Rupeni didn't cross the line. Looks like the entire team were defending on that basis!

As for scoring more tries than the Crusaders, at least we didn't give up...

62 points!!

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