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Ireland vs Australia
Ireland vs Australia
(Wobbly Wheels fall off Wanabee Wallabies)
The lack of anything interesting on the tube last night here in Brisvegas led me to watch the Irish have a go at the Wallabies over there in Perth.  (Isn't Western Austrlalia another province of South Africa or something).  is it just me or did they actually schedule that game at dusk in Perth just so it would be on the tube at 7:30 here on the East coast of Australia - Mark my words it won't be long before the games stop for ad breaks.
The game moved at a cracking pace (not).  Watching the knocked forward count was the most interesting piece of entertainment of the first half.  Every time the Wobblys ran with the ball they looked like half a chance of scoring, so good was the Irish defence, but alas the ball was playing for Ireland and kept jumping out of wallaby hands.
And watching a northern hemisphere ref with the mandatory love affair with his whistle was another highlight of the game.  What is it with people north of the equator and whistles.  Must be performance anxiety or something.  Who knows.  Not to mention the quickest flash of a yellow card in the history of international rugby.  He's lucky the bloke for whom it was intended even knew to go for a walk.
I have no idea what happened in the second half of the match apart from a couple of brief peeks through the eyelids  as I awoke from boredom induced sleep.  It was easy to tell not a lot was going on becuase the crowd seemed to be sharing my sleep most of the game.  They were probably all looking for the refund clause on the back of their tickets.  Just to think 40,000 people payed money for that and they could have had just as comfortable a sleep in their bedrooms at home. 
The winners from this test - any team who has to play against either the Wallabies or the Irish !
Overall the game beckons well for the other teams who share the world cup pool with Australia and Ireland. 
Bring on the Bledisloe early I say.  On last nights form the ALL BLACKS will be having Wallaby on toast for breakfast !

Let us know what you think!

Welcome to RH Idiot! (I'm going to like referring to you I can tell...)

Bloody odd for a kiwi supporter to be able to find the time to write about a game between the Australia and Ireland though, maybe the impression that Geeves has given us of Brisbane is really true...

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(Although it could have just been on the Reload button doing some serious ego padding!)