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England vs the All Blacks - a match made in Heaven
England vs the All Blacks - a match made in Heaven
(an idiots perspective)
Here in Brisvegas the game was replayed on free to air TV after the Wallabies vs Wales game.  Now this would simply just not do.  So off to the local RSL we went to hijack one of the large TV's in the bar.  After they finally put the TV on the right channel for us, and about 3 minutes into one of the most anticipated games of the season, we were off.
And what a game it was.  I truly delightful spectacle of rugby.  What a game we all follow.  From the opening minutes the game was of a brilliant standard with the all blacks having plenty of ball to spin out wide and get those backs moving.  The poms responded equally with stoic defence and a mighty effort in their forwards.
The referee did a brilliant job allowing the game to flow at a cracking pace and avoiding the temptation to toot his whistle unless there were blatant breaches of the rules.  Just what we'd expect from a southern hemisphere ref.
The scoring flowed quickly as well with both sides showing the ability to cross the line despite the quality of the defence.  What a game it was.  And when the score was ALL BLACKS 20 Poms 22 with only 5 minutes to go the heart was pounding.  We all knew that whichever of these top 2 rugby nations in the world won, we had witnessed an amazing display of quality rugby.
Then with a mere 20 seconds to go the ALL BLACKS are on attack.  They drive the ball forward and Spencer is stopped only a metre short (can't have an Auckland player scoring that winning try now can we).  The ball is recycled and Third Idiot crashes over.  But has he scored  - the ref goes to the video - we see the replay from a few angles - did he drop it over the line or - it's touch and go and ..............
Bugger that was the dream I had Friday night - I knew it was a bit dodgy when I was the one scoring the ALL BLACKS winning try.  I'd be lucky if I could run 2 metres to the tryline.
What on earth was Mr Dickinson thinking !  A game with huge potential destroyed by the referee.  The All Blacks looked rusty.  Who made the decision to play England first?  It may have been far more wise to warm up on Ireland and Wales as the Wallabies have done.  We can't take much from Saturday's game because not much happened.  I do however feel there is a good argument for allowing Mutton Chops back on the field.  He would have kicked a few of those goals and we all know he has hardly set foot on a rugby field this year because of that haircut - surely that is discrimination.
The ALL BLACKS defence was good.  Those poms (apart from the first 3 minutes which I missed) never looked like crossing the line.  

Let us know what you think!

I must say I like the Idiot's version of the game far better, although based on some of the decisions our captain and coach made on the weekend perhaps that is actually what we watched for real!
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