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Bledisloe Match Rd 1 2003
Bledisloe Match Rd 1 2003
(Counting the days until Chucky is exposed)

I will leave score details out as I am still waiting to see a match report concerning the ABís v Boks game.  And this will at least help extract a digit or two seeing as I wonít write the score.


Well Okay well done to the ABís but now I am going to go back into my hole and come out swinging. And just simply ignore a proper match report and just start bitchin.


So Chuckyís record is a massive 12 out of 23.  Donít forget the famous victories against Spain and Italy are included in that. I am still wondering when his great game plan is going to take the Wallabies forward rather than in the current downward spiral we are in circling the toilet bowl.  Or perhaps Chucky is really a kiwi and this has been NZ biggest espionage infiltration in order to make the Wallabies a screaming joke.  Nice one there NZ. This means war!


Letís examine what has occurred this year:

  • Rapidly changing personnel playing in the wrong position for one or two games as a stop gap measure rather than as player development;
  • Inconsistent disciplinary decisions; and
  • Inconsistent reactions to playing efforts

You know he is starting to remind me of Smith but at least in his defence he had a brain tumour.


I can not believe that it was Larkhamís idea to do the up and under all first half.  He must have been working off Chuckyís game plan but what it was apart from take Muliaina out while in the air was beyond me.  I also struggled with the refing inconsistency again.  How Cannon didnít get to spend time in the bin next to Sailor was slightly confusing.  He did the same thing as Sailor and just gets a warning?  Then perhaps Iím just too simple to understand the subtleties in taking a bloke out in the air.


I am sorry but to have a game plan of aimlessly kicking the ball into the ABís hands in their own 22 is slightly bewildering me.  I mean I would hate to ask questions about the Wallaby brains trust seeing though Iím just a rugby spectator these days but here are just a couple of things I wounder if they realised.  Which team do the AB back three play for?  How many tries did the Auckland back three score against all opponents in the Super 12 this year?  How many of those tries were scored because someone kicked to them while in broken play? 


Now once again to the Wallaby brains trust (an oxymoron?) why did you help the ABs by encouraging one of their strengths? That is again, in case you havenít worked it out yet, is running the ball in broken play.  Iím sorry I canít quite hear your answer as a Kiwi was laughing at my expense all night long and I am slightly deaf in one ear now.


Larkham looks dangerous when he runs with the ball or off loads not when he kicks.  While we are on the subject of Larkham it is time he went back to fullback, then he could at least kick then if thatís his preference.  When he decided to run in the second half, he was making half breaks but again for the lack of quality cleaning out by Wallaby forwards this was not capitalised on.


I realised that the ABís ball was there for the taking in the lineouts but the first one Cannon butchers ended up as an AB try.  Then the moron doing the halftime analysis blamed that try on Flatley coming out of the line in defence.  In my interpretation Flatley was the first to respond once the ABís pinched the lineout and the rest of the Wallaby backs didnít adjust quickly enough. 


I remember watching Umaga during the super 12 and commenting about how the Hurricanes have faith and confidence in everyone to do their bit in defence.  Well the same canít be said for the Wallabies.  Dell, like any computer gets viruses, and in his case itís that dodgy tackling software that they canít seem to get rid of that surfaces at inappropriate moments (except for the hit on Muliaina).  However, in Sailorís defence he still scored a sensational try.  He is really one of the few providing flair in attack but his defence can make you weep.


Unfortunately the bad defence didnít stop there as my mate Burke was guilty on several occasions of not trusting his team mates in defence and committed tackles on people already covered leaving a player free with an open line. And it just didn't stop with Burke.


Greganís service is still putting too much pressure on whomever is first receiver and he really looks as though he is struggling in the captainís role and I am sure that he will not make the wallabies next year.  So is it time to change before it is too late?


I believe that Australia has the players to win the RWC however, a lot of key ingredients arenít in the starting Wallaby side at the moment, or even in the wallabies squad.  Until the hard decisions are made on personnel are made and they are allowed to play their natural game the Wallabies are going to suck.  All reports say that Chucky is the most analytical coach they have ever seen and/or had.  In my opinion the game ain't that difficult and its time to get back to some basics.  Hard forwards going forward and quick backs who can use their hands and brains to read and adjust their play to take advantage of the situation.


To me it looks as though the Wallabies are trying to play to a very strict game plan that has every move orchestrated to occur at a certain time and they are not adjusting when the opposition is playing a different tune to what Chuckyís game plan expects.  This inability to be creative is killing the Wallabies faster than my faith in the ARU.


My proposal to fix this situation is as follows: Chucky must be stood down; Macqueen is begged to come back; and after the Tri-Nations the current Wallabies must then play QLD, NSW and ACT, twice.


In the first round, you tell the fringe players that if you outplay the wallaby in your spot then you are included in the next round of three games.   Once the team is adjusted then you do the whole thing over.  As at the moment there seems to be more concern about how much they are going to be paid in the RWC and how their image may be used rather than how well they are playing.


Let us know what you think!

Ah, it's so refreshing to hear a fan from another team complaining that's his boys don't have a plan B. It seems like we have been bitching about the ABs for that since the last world cup!

As for the score, while i'm sure the boys will come up with a match report or two from a kiwi perspective it's the least I can do to provide the scoreline:

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