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SA Superboot struggles in Sandpit
SA Superboot struggles in Sandpit
(Flatley Mr 100%)

SANZAR Kiddie Care Central

SANZAR offices


Re: Playtime behaviour in the Sandpit last Saturday,


Too whom it may concern,


Both the ‘ARU children’s play group’ and the ‘SAFU children’s tour group’ were invited to play in the sandpit in Brisbane on the 2 Aug and we are taking the time to write this letter concerning acceptable behaviour.


We are not too impressed the impromptu beach rugby game, which occurred in the sandpit between the two groups of children, as not all the children were playing nicely with each other.  Behaviour such as biting, spitting, late straight arms and playing with other's eyeballs are not tolerated by the centre.  The minders for the day saw little of what occurred and we are not pleased with their performance and these behaviour incidents were reported by the parents at the ‘ARU children’s play group’ and the video monitor.


After careful deliberation the two children from the ‘SAFU children’s tour group’ are not welcome to go to ‘NZRU centre for early childhood learning’ mud pie making competition.


However, both these children are allowed to come and play in the ‘IRB jamboree’.


Yours sincerely


SANZAR Kiddie Care Central



Sorry real match report below


Wallabies v Boks

Sat 2 Aug 2003

Lang Park, Brisbane.

Ref: Paddy O’Brien (NZ)


6-6 Halftime


Yes I know this is late especially after the promptness of the last 2 articles but in my defence I still aint seen a report from the AB v Boks yet! Bloody slack kiwis! And the delay has helped various media outlets colour my impressions of the game. Yeah, as if.


Went around to a mates place that overlooked the sandpit so we could appreciate the crowd roar without forking out the dough to support the ARU.  Offer me shit seats and see what happens.  However, I must implore on my hosts that they really must hire themselves a decent TV before the start of the RWC.  As that 15 cm TV really doesn’t do rugby justice. My laptop has a bigger screen than that and it is about time you got screen envy and fixed that little problem!


SA has the most incompetent backline I have witnessed in ages.  They even made QLD look an organised attacking unit and that is really hard to do.  They really struggled and I was amazed that Russell got dumped to the bench as I thought he deserved another shot at the Wallaby backline after easily dismantling them in SA.  Why you would bench what appears to be their only genuine attacking spark is totally beyond me.


So SA tried to win the game by Koen kicking for the sidelines and then trying to get a penalty so that Koen could kick them to victory and didn’t the plan fail.  Koen had a rare shocker and actually missed several attempts with the magic boot (2 penalties and one droppy if I remember correctly).  While Flatley couldn’t miss!  That’s 2 games where he has been perfect but then again he just couldn’t hit the barn door against the Welsh.


I enjoyed Horan’s comments concerning the state of the pitch while he was dodging balls being kicked at him from the wallabies.  And wasn’t the sandpit a disgrace.  The quilted centre leads to a beach on the sidelines and I suppose that all the spitting was to get the sand out of player’s mouths?


The wallabies are still in need of major adjustments all over the park.  I think Noreiga must be in his last season and only injury is keeping him still in the starting side.  While did anyone else notice the major impediment in attack?  It was Larkham who had an absolute shocker and should be spending some serious time in club land to get him back up to speed if it is at all possible.  How Paddy didn’t ping him for running behind other Wallabies, (that’s called sheparding, Paddy), his poor option taking in attack and kicking that was bordering on a farce.


It was really hard to watch him play when both Flatley and Rogers were creating genuine attacking options for themselves and other players.  Why Larkham didn’t get benched early in the second half was beyond me.  Flatley should have been moved into 5/8 and Giteau should have been at IC.  Or put Flatley at halfback as that time he was there he unleashed a great pass without having to peddle backwards.


Waugh was the man of the match by a long way as he played the house down and I can not see how Chucky could justify moving him from the old no. 7.  However, I am not sold on the idea of Smith in no.6 though.  I know Smith played alright but I still think the Wallabies need a proper jumper in 6.  The tactic of using Kefu will not last for a third game in a row, if he has recovered by then?  Nice late hit that if you are a neurosurgeon looking for work!


Cockbain should be in 6 (finally called up into the Wallaby squad) or if they don’t want him to play there then Sharpe must be on the paddock there.  He is the best lock the Wallabies have and him being wasted on the bench in beyond me. Vickerman isn’t impressing me at the moment and Giffin played very well against the Boks.


Cannon proved he is the best hooker in the Wallaby squad at the moment (still don’t believe he is the best hooker in Australia though) and played a very good game and scored a well deserved try for his efforts. But not totally convinced on the lineouts at the moment but he starts any day before Paul by a long shot.  I spose the bokkie wanted to see through a victor’s eyes?  The three finger marks around Cannon’s eyes looked very suspect and for a change the perpetrator actually got some time as that game against the Argies last year where the evidence was even more clear resulted in no conviction.


However, I still remember the rucking incident involving Cannon when he spent several months of cooling his heals on the sideline when he played for Qld against NSW.  So rucking gets you more punishment than attacking someone’s face. I'll remember that!


I wasn’t impressed with Paddy’s or the touchies efforts in the games when I watched the replay at home on a big screen I noticed one hell of a lot of dirty stuff (punches, elbows, etc) going on in the breakdowns and plenty of wrestling off the ball.  I would just prefer to have that cleaned up and not occur in a game.  At least it wasn’t Paddy’s worst game, and that would be Fiji v France in the last RWC.


Kefu, Cannon, Waugh, Flatley, Sailor, Rogers and Tuqiri played very well for the Wallabies but there is still a lot of work to do especially by some players.  Sailor didn’t actually score a try this game a first this Wallaby season but his work in taking the ball up and creating opportunities was good.


Now I’m just banking on the Boks injuring half of the AB’s before the Wallabies secure the Bledisloe Cup for another year.


Let us know what you think!

It certainly wasn't Paddy's finest hour, which is a bit of a worry given he's the best NZ ref at the moment, still we don't exactly need to be producing the best refs and the best players now do we!

We'll stick with doing the opposite of the South Africans in that regard, Andre and his mates are some of the best refs in the world I reckon!

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