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An ode to Mighty Mehrts!
An ode to Mighty Mehrts!
(A little bit of poerty aimed to bring some culture into proceedings)
It was the early nineties legend has it
Running out in the mighty red 'n' black kit The debut of a chicken legged fly half
Bowl haircut making the sight a complete laugh! He'll get snapped in half in the first ruck!
Making a tackle expecting him to duck! Sure he never was a great man on D
But shit what do ya expect from someone so wee? Blinding speed and a thunderous boot
Feeling safe when a penalty about to shoot Many years on with injuries taking their toll
Basically being put on the international rugby dole The Toffee pops boy playing without refrain
Not the wit but of the active Mehrts brain He's bound to still do Canterbury proud
Crowd chanting "Caaannneeerrrrrrrbbbbrreeeeeeee" so loud Goodbye Mehrts you will be missed by all
Let's hope its not in the World Cup fin-al!

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