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Wallaby Squad for RWC
Wallaby Squad for RWC
(Damn Chucky actually dropped Finegan)

First things first.  If Chucky really wanted to win the RWC all he had to do was choose the entire QLD side, excluding the front row and replace them with the NSW front row and get himself a hypnotist.  Then all he had to do was hypnotise the players to tell them that they are QLD and they are playing NSW.  Hey presto an easy victory. Why no one has even suggested this before amazes me.  I mean the best NSW has ever done in the Super 12 was a draw against QLD and thatís why you include Dunning as he can kick a field goal.


The loss of T. Kefu is a concern for the Wallaby chances but it does open up the options for the squad and thankfully some of the rumours concerning players have proven to be true. With Finegan finally getting the arse along with Noreiga who apparently ruled himself out?


The Squad is


Backs: Matthew Burke, Elton Flatley (vc), Matt Giteau, George Gregan (c), Nathan Grey, Stephen Larkham, Chris Latham, Stirling Mortlock, Joe Roff, Mat Rogers, Wendell Sailor, Lote Tuqiri, Morgan Turinui, Chris Whitaker.


Good to see Flatley get a vice captaincy so his shrine gets a double shot.


Forwards: Al Baxter, Brendan Cannon, Matt Cockbain, David Croft, Ben Darwin, Matt Dunning, David Giffin (vc), Justin Harrison, David Lyons, Jeremy Paul, John Roe, Nathan Sharpe, George Smith, Daniel Vickerman, Phil Waugh, Bill Young.


The three Qld loosies Croft, Roe and Cockbain make the squad.  But can someone tell me how the plank made the squad?


The Geeves Team

In other words if I was dictator for the RWC:


1. Dunning as I have had enough of Young and he doesnít seam to be doing that much.  While Dunning introduction to NSW was against Argentina and became famous as Ďthat fat bloke who threw the punchí.  And lets face it we might need his drop kicking brilliance and the bloke can intercept the ball.  Both skills are going to be needed as well as his passion.


2. Cannon no other choice really as you want a person who can scrummage and can throw in the lineouts so that rules out Paul.  And apparently Dunning is the third reserve hooker.  Oh why can I see that backfiring? At least being in your home country you donít have to fork out major bucks flying someone in to replace an injured player.


3. Al Baxter makes it a NSW front row that played most of this yearís Super 12 together and yes combinations are important.  He also did a hell of a lot of work against the ABs and should be given a go as Darwin doesnít inspire me much


4.  Giffin has played well this year and started to muscle up nicely and should be Sharpeís partner in the locking department.


5. Sharpe must start.  Why he hasnít been starting is an enigma and Jones should be sacked.  I have been saying that for quite a while now and still no one is listening.  Lets face facts Sharpe is the best second row in Australia.


6.Cockbain must start.  We need a third lineout jumper and Iím sure he would have played against the Abs if he didnít get chickenpox.  He has played exceptional well all year and very well in last years wallaby tour.


7. Smith or Waugh itís a bit hard to separate these two.  Smith has more mobility but Waugh has more strength and physical presence.


8.  Roe or Waugh Iím still undecided on this as Roe has been playing the house down in no 8 for Wests but he is unproven in the international sceen,  While both Waugh and Smith on at the same time, has some benefits at the breakdowns.  Keep Lyons on the bench as well as Cockbain can easily slot in beside Sharpe in the second row if Giffin gets injured.  However, maybe Julesís assumptions of playing Croft, Smith and Waugh may come to fruition?


9. Whitaker. Yes I know that ain't going to happen as some bald bugger has c next to his name but itís my team and Iíll do what I want to within the limit of the squad.  Another thing to bitch about.


10.  Flatley needs to be here as Larkham hasnít been playing well and we need a decent goal kicker and a better ball distributor.  He also doesnít take the two steps back that Larkham is starting to mimic from wee Georgie Gregan, predicted to be the first Wallabies captain to be sent off during a RWC for back chatting.  So with both Gregan and Larkham back peddling before they pass the IC really has to do too much work in order to get over the gain line. Nice to see he has been made VC as this suggests that he will be playing all games.


11. Roff gets the nod ahead of Tuquiri who is like Sailor was in his first year and needs another year to get used to the game


12.  Giteau provides a secondary playmaker at IC that could be used to open up the outside runners.


13.  Mortlock.  Yep I know it smacks of  desperation by rushing him into the squad as he is just getting back from injury but sometimes you have to hope for miracles.


14. Sailor has earnít his spot here.  Hasnít scored a try in his last two games but at least he went very close to it against the ABs. It was fun watching kiwi supporters hold their breath every time he touched the ball. He has provided real go forward once he gets the ball and he has scored some very good tries so far this year (eg England)


15. Rogers gets the nod.  Hell we forked out millions for these leagues we might as well use them.  The other option would be run Larkham here as questions have been asked about Rogers defence but I would keep Larkham fresh and unleash him with 25 minutes to go.



Young, Paul, Vickerman, Lyons, Gregan (Whitaker), Larkham, Latham


Well I spose I should go back into dream land.  But you know I might just send Chucky that QLD proposal.


Let us know what you think!

Ah ha, the plan that Jules and I hatched to try to influence the selection tactics of Eddie Munster seem to be working a treat!

Next we will suggest that Gregan and Whitaker should start at lock since they are really light and would be easy to throw up in the air...

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