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News Flash : Rugbyheads denied official RWC hosting rights
News Flash : Rugbyheads denied official RWC hosting rights
(yet another IRB scandal!)
You may have wondered if Rugbyheads was even going to acknowledge that the Rugby World Cup was about to happen.

The truth of the matter is we have been waiting for a reply from the IRB in regard to our application to host the Official RWC website.

We sent off this letter back in January 2002.

You can imagine our shock when, only last Friday, we received this reply.

Frankly we were quite stunned at the arrogance with which they disregarded our perfectly reasonable requests. We now know how the NZRFU felt, although we still aren't forgiving them (apparently our letter was far more professional than theirs anyway, and had fewer demands).

Once we stopped crying like girly Aucklanders, we decided screw the IRB. We don't need their offical sanction to write about the RWC in fact we are going to do total opposite of what they suggest.

As you can see from our redesign we are still colour-blind. Also, you'll be excited to know that we are in the process of recruiting some new illiterate talent to augment our current stable of high-school dropout wannabe journalists.

So without further ado we proudly present....

The same shit as always, except it's about the RWC.

(cue fanfare and $10.50 worth of fireworks...)

Let us know what you think!

Bloody typical, those IRB buggers screw NZ again. Mark my words, when the dust settles they will come crawling to us to host the next one I bet...
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