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Italy RWC preview
Italy RWC preview
(John-Paul Gourgeandringo gives us his 2 lire)

Buon giorno, my name is John-Paul Gourgeandringo.


I am to introduce Azzurri - the Italian Rugby team.


I am only very young to the game of rugby union, so please be forgiving me if I do not know all the correct language.


It is not a easy game to learn. I have much trouble with the ruck and the maul, but then this is also being a problem for the referees, I think.


The Azzurri Squad

Forwards: Andrea De Rossi (Calvisano), Aaron Persico (Leeds), Andrea Benatti (Viadana), Matthew Phillips (Viadana), Scott Palmer (Treviso), Sergio Parisse (Treviso), Mauro Bergamasco (Stade Francais), Cristian Bezzi (Viadana), Santiago Dellape (Treviso), Carlo Checchinato (Treviso), Marco Bortolami (Padova), Andrea Lo Cicero (Lazio and Primavera), Salvatore Perugini (Calvisano), Martin Castrogiovanni (Calvisano), Ramiro Martinez (Treviso), Fabio Ongaro (Treviso), Carlo Festuccia (Gran Parma).

Backs: Gert Peens (Overmach Parma), Gonzalo Canale (Treviso), Mirco Bergamasco (Stade Francais), Nicola Nazzucato (Calvisano), Denis Dallan (Treviso), Alessandro Stoica (Montpellier), Manuel Dallan (Treviso), Andrea Masi (Viadana), Matteo Barbini (Padova), Vincenzo Zullo (Calvisano), Rima Wakarua (Brescia), Francesco Mazzariol (Gran Parma), Alessandro Troncon (Treviso), Matteo Mazzantini (Viadana).


The Chances

Our team has already beaten the Wales team this season last. So we know that we could do it again.


Does this make Italy the 2nd team in the pool D? No. I am thinking that we are equal 2nd with Wales.


I hope that the games against Tonga and the Canada will go in our favour. Time, it will tell!


They will be hard to play, the different styles will make difficulties.


Italy is lucky to be in the pool D. We are very close to the ability of Wales, although of course we are not close to the ability of New Zealand.


In other pools there are wider gaps between the teams with the greater ability. We have the best chance to advance past the pool play from the pool D.


This is what I tell myself, and it makes me happy;-)


At least until I think of playing our first game. It is against The All Blacks.


My friends from New Zealand, they talk of “cricket” scores. I do not know what they mean. I think… that I do not want to know.


I am sorry, I will have to stop now and think the happy thoughts!




Let us know what you think!

Buon Giorno yourself JPG!

I'm surprised you didn't mention the influence of AB Great John Kirwan on your boys, hell if he was to suit up I bet they could qualify for the quarters in a doddle!

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