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Australia vs Argentina
Australia vs Argentina
(Opening match stage fright Ignites the Puma kicking problems)

Wallabies v Pumas


Ref: Paul Honnis

Telstra Stadium, Sydney

Fulltime: Wallabies 24 Pumas 8

Halftime   Wallabies 14 - Pumas 3


Before we start is Telstra (Aussie phone company) an official RWC sponsor? If not should I be mentioning the stadium where they played? Better run that one past the Rugbyheadís lawyer! Or the closest drunk that may actually give a ####.   One could argue they are the same thing.


Bloody Nora what a bunch on negative comments flying around the discussion board.   The Pumas looked like an animal caught in the spotty and didnít react well in the opening half where their own mistakes and Hayden made 380 runs against Zim.  Sorry now were was I?


It was a great display of batting. Look I know this is the wrong place for these comments but hell the greatest cricketing feat to date.  Yes I struggled a bit with the quality of the game especially in comparison to Haydenís blazing batting skills.


It looked as if the Pumas had a nasty case of stage fright and didnít settle down until after half time when they started to play rugby.  The poor lineout execution and some over zealous kiwi reffing blunted their attacking efforts.  While Contepomiís continued his atrocious kicking efforts with the boot every time he plays the Wallabies and they should have picked up a bonus point.  The game was a case of deja-vu of their last match.


Look it was the first game of the RWC and I reckon the nerves got to everyone.  On a brighter note the Wallabies actually won a match for a change especially after a very poor Tri-Nations. However, in their defence there were a few positives: the forwards, Larkham and the league converts.


The Wallaby forwards looked a lot better with the inclusion of Sharpe.  While Lyons was very positive in the opening and towards the end of the game after going MIA when the Pumas had ascendency.  I enjoyed Baxterís go at tighthead and I thought he had a solid game but the experience of the Puma front row really told every time the ref was on the other side of the scrum.


Giffin and Sharpe worked well together and the loss of Giffin, who reacted like a pumpkin being dropped from the same height, was very noticeable.  While the forwards had another loosie running around the park in Flatley, who always made sure the ball was secured. Flatley also had a very strong goal kicking and passing game that opened up the backs on a couple of occasions.


Larkham ran at the line well during the first half, then completely forgot what was working in the second.  His kicking game is definitely not the best but the fact his is now taking on the line was encouraging.  Both Flatley and Giteau took on the line and it paid dividends for Roff.


The leaguies played well, with Dell scoring another high quality try and Rogers was involved more times than I care to remember. At some stages in the first half it was looking very good for the wallaby backline but the number of dropped balls and missed opportunities in attack really started to give me a case of what Mortlock had to keep him out of this game.


The Puma try was a beauty.  And I think the Pumas will start winning their games once they settle down.


Oh well a win is a win and now on to beat Romania or turn on the cricket.


Let us know what you think!

As the nearest thing RH has to legal representation (or is that a drunk that may give a ####) all I have to say on the matter is screw the IRB like they screwed us out of the hosting rights. TELSTRA, TELSTRA, TELSTRA....
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