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Canterbury Begin their Buildup...
Canterbury Begin their Buildup...
(or why we shouldn't be worried....yet!)


Well as predicted, the Cantabs struggled a little against NSW in Sydney on Friday night.

There where a few good signs amongst a generally lacklustre performance. I think as the game wore on the combinations started to come together. Justin Marshall looked back to his very best. This looks good for both the Canterbury season & the AB's.

The forwards looked short of a gallop. The scrum looked solid though, putting the NSW scrum under pressure a few times. I think they will come right.

Leon MacDonald had a shocker with Mehrts being rested. Took lots of wrong options. We musn't be too harsh though so early in the season.

Anyway my fingers are crossed for a good, competitive season for the Cantabs.

I saw another indication of the special atmosphere that Canterbury generates for its sporting teams. The city really is buzzing at the moment. Stormin' Norman Berryman in an interview in the Sunday Star Times in the weekend said something which really indicates the pride. As usual in the Auckland based media -who don't seem to like Canterbury doing well - they where writing us off. Norman had this to say;
"That's our secret. We're teammates and we're mates on the field. It doesn't matter where you come from, when you pull on the red and black your part of the red and black machine."
When asked about the Crusaders being written off;
"That's cool. We don't need them talking us up. They'll come around eh."

Let's hope so Norm!


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Nothing like lulling the opposition into a false sense of security....   Those Crusaders sure are a sneaky bunch!

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