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Australia vs Romania - the Halfback disease
Australia vs Romania - the Halfback disease
(How pissed off should Whitaker feel?)

Wallabies V Romania


Brisbane: Lang Park

Referee: Pablo Deluca (Argentina)

Fulltime: Wallabies 90 def Romania 8

Halftime:  Wallabies 38 Romania 8


Didnít vent my spleen in regards to the Wallabies selections but should have before the game but had too much else to do last week.  But if Whitaker isnít feeling pissed off then the bloke must be a ####ing saint.


I mean Giteau got 40 min at halfback.  How many matches has it taken Whitaker to actually get 40 min on the park?   Hell if Whitaker doesnít get selected next week in the starting role, as Gregan is injured, he should be allowed one free shot at Steady Eddie.


Look there is not much you can really say about the game.  It was a one sided affair that was really a training run.  So we got to set a few more records I mean England is now no longer our biggest whipping pony! I was there at Lang Park when pretty boy Wilkinson failed to shine!  While Flatley kicked 11 conversions beating Burkeís record by 1.


So Flatley should be captain next week.  I certainly canít complain about that.  After his 11 out of 13 conversions, penalty goal, his opening try and numerous times he put players into gaps with his superb passing skills itís not surprising.  I mean the previous Wallaby captain from QLD (John Eales) wasnít too bad in the role in the last RWC.


Not too shabby for a bloke that got dropped to play England earlier this year for going out have having a few after the game. 


There is also another player that should be starting in Mortlock.  I mean what is Burke doing there at OC or in the Wallabies?  He isnít even considered the best fullback, Rogers and Latham are before him.  While during the Super 12 Herbert, who isnít even in the shadow squad, showed him up badly at 13. 


Oh well on to another training run next week.  The only questions is can we top the score and set some new records. 


Let us know what you think!

a one-sided affair indeed Geeves. On the half-back debacle did you hear Ditch and Means are trying to one up steady-Eddy by naming Dan Carter as cover at half-back in the Tonga vs NZ match, bloody idiots...
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