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Wales vs Canada
Wales vs Canada
(Look at the scoreboard... look at the scoreboard... look at the scoreboard!)

Wales vs Canada

Sunday 12th October 2003

Melbourne (closed roof)

Ref: Chris White (England)

Half time - 20 / 3

Full time – 41 / 10



It would be nice to blame Mr White for the tempo of the game, but I have yet to figure how to blame the dropsies on the ref.


Thankfully both sides were determined to look right prats, so they generally cancelled each other out. That aside it was a very productive game for Wales, I am mighty happy with the score, no so the game.


Thankfully our brave leader was setting a fine example, right up to the point where his attempted charge down missed the ball and kicker so badly that he had to reach out his right hand to clobber him in the face!


The “hand of God” I call it!


So Charvis gets yellow carded, and I held my breath for 24 hours. Thankfully he wasn’t sited, and a Fijian player was lucky enough to be the first player suspended in RWC’03.


Wouldn’t that be a story to tell the grandkids?


I wrote myself lots of notes, but now I read them there are a lot of “X muffs it” “Y coughs it up”. There were a couple of players worth mentioning in this regard:

·        McBryde (hooker) for his throw ins

·        Jones (tighthead prop) for his “boring” in the scrum

·        Parker (centre) after scoring his try, turns almost every other opportunity into shite


Actually that and his yellow carding (at the end) had almost cleared Parker’s try from my memory.


But really it was an excellent piece of play.


Three waves of expansive rugby - spun wide to the left, spun wide to the right and then back to the left before the Canadian defence was quite ready and Parker into the corner!


All this while reduced to 14 men!


Did you see young Iestyn Harris, number 12 and kicker? Isn’t he a dependable fellow? He kicked 5 conversions and 2 penalties in the game, for a personal score of 16 (5 pints and one blonde pole dancer).


Only Ł1.5M transfer from League you know? What a bargain!


The summary for the two teams’ first half would have to be: Wales 2 converted tries, Canadian #10 didn’t run the ball in the first 30 minutes.


Early in the second half a revitalised Canada showed some skills once again. But that really was about it for them.


Soon their #8 kicked the ball back through the scrum for a tight head to Wales, and Charvis had sacked and twisted their fullback.


It seemed that things were going to get ugly for Canada. However the play actually turned ugly for both teams.


Both coaches emptied the benches. The new energy revitalised the game somewhat, now the stuff ups were much more spirited!


Parker’s yellow card wouldn’t have been so bad, if the Canadian’s hadn’t have scored a try straight after.


But looking at the score I think it is better to simply forget the play.


What a mighty score by the fabulous Wales team. A great first score for RWC’03. I can’t wait for the Tonga game next weekend.


However… there was one additional factor in the game. The (obviously bored) Australian commentator did the most consistent run of “commentator cursing” I have ever witnessed.


I lost count of the number of times that he assured us a Wales try was imminent, and that Wales were going to run away with the game. And every blasted time some boyo would stuff it up!


Please God, let him commentate the Wales / All Blacks game!-)


Let us know what you think!

And all of England's remaining games this RWC!
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