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Samoa v Boks
Samoa v Boks
(Boks dismantle the Samoan dream)

Brisbane: Lang Park

Sat 1 November

Referee: Chris White (Eng)

Fulltime: South Africa 60 def Samoa 10

Halftime: South Africa 31   Samoa 3


Bloody hell. The result was nothing like I thought it was going to be!  After that huge effort against those Poms I was expecting the boys in blue to rip into the Boks and leave carcasses and the SA chance of winning the RWC, resembling their cricket world cup dream. 


The Samoans must have still been on a high from their efforts against the Poms and were just not in the game for the opening 20 minutes and it only took a couple for Joost to exploit the blind side and open their account for a dominate rugby display.  Or the fact that the SA were ready for the onslaught and countered it so effectively that the Samoans just didnít get into their rhythm.


The fact that it was an English ref probably didnít help the Samoan cause much either.  It is also probably the last time the French TV Match Official, Joel Dume will ever be used in that role again.  The chant of bullshit was taken up by the bulk of the crowd for that dropped ball over the line.


The crowd was howling for a Samoan win and the hairy back supporters in the front row were not impressed with the constant abuse their side took and by the end of the game they were smart enough not to antagonise the 30-odd Samoan supporters around them.


Hougaard was sensational for the boks and he provides far more in attack and organisation than Koen has done so far this RWC.  Everything the kiddie did was good apart from the dropped ball over the line which was apparently a try.  His only blemish on the game was his inability to avoid Brian Lima who damn nearly killed him and had the crowd howling for more. 


The SA played like the English.  Exploit the rolling maul, wait for the infringement and then capitalise.  The SA were intent on scoring every time they got into the Samoan 22.  Either penalty, drop goal and try.  They ended up scoring 8 tries in the end and I believe that it was Hougaardís influence and ability to distribute the ball that will keep him in the starting position next week.   However, the crowd didnít appreciate the constant attempts at drop goals.


Since it was a blow out and the Wallabies were going to play next we didnít see the idiot spectator run on to the field but was glad to hear that he knocked himself out before he managed to tackle anyone.  The fact he left the field on a stretcher is hilarious and I hope they throw the book at him or even better dropped him off in the SA dressing room.


The number of injuries will be of great concern to the boks as they take on the kiwiís next weekend.  If they are able to minimise the injuries especially in their loose forwards, it is going to be a hell of a lot closer than it was in the Tri-nations if the boks can put in the same effort.


Let us know what you think!

Hmmm, sounds like there is another no. 10 in this tournament that deserves to be the target of some big hits....

*ring ring*...hello Jerry, BT here...yeah good to talk to you too, now here is the name of your target next weekend...Hougaard, Derrick Hougaard...yeah I know it's a bloody funny name but he is from SA so what do you expect?...anyway, he's likely to be a bit gun shy given his brain is still bouncing around in his helmet after Mr Lima got him last weekend so you might have to get Carlos to distract him, but if you can give him a Charvis then I think his Bok mates will be putty in your hands...no problem, don't mention it...good luck next week, and tell Carlos that if even thinks about taking the goal kicks then those photos of the goat will be all over the net..

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