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Quarter Final 2 :Aus v Scotland
Quarter Final 2 :Aus v Scotland
(I've seen better execution in a U10 match)

Quarter Final 2

Aus v Scotland

Lang Park, Brisbane

Ref: Steve Walsh

Fulltime: Aus 33 def Scotland 16

Halftime: 9 all


Well what can I say without bolstering the ABs chances for next weekend?  Not much apart from at least our kicker can kick the goals and Cockbain will start next week.


Well that was a cluster #### if I ever witnessed one.  At one stage during the first half I kept flicking over to ĎAngel Heartí as if I am going to watch a bloody slaughter it might as well not be the wallabies chances of winning the RWC.


Now everyone must remember that Chucky is going to serve out his contract.  He has been backed by the ARU time after time.  I personally didnít want him appointed as coach (see http://www.planetnz.com/rugbyheads/article.php?articleid=230) and have continually bitched about him not delivering on his new improved style.  Yes itís a new style, how to consistently suck at playing rugby that has me believing that he is a NZ agent.


The kilted ones had done their background work and realised that Aus has two lineout jumpers and if they competed they would kill them in the lineouts and didnít they in the first half. Cockbain will be starting next week against the Abs as he at least brought parity into the lineout situation.  I have been calling for Cockbainís inclusion into the Wallabies all year and my constant whinging has finally been vindicated.


See (RWC Squad http://www.planetnz.com/rugbyheads/article.php?articleid=522) and

Prequel to test series http://www.planetnz.com/rugbyheads/article.php?articleid=495


The lineouts this year have been an absolute ####ing disaster.  It is too late to switch hookers as Paul aint much of a replacement and the hooker that should be in the wallabies side (McIssacs) wasnít selected.  So with a poor lineout Chucky decided that he should remove tall timber from 6 and put on the Waugh/Smith combination.  Yes it has worked adequately around the field but we are getting killed in all set pieces.


The Scots played alright in their forwards and they loved the ease of taking our ball in the lineout and their uncontested lineouts in the first half.  But they really donít have the players to go on with it.  There only try again came from the forwards.  If they had a more competent pack and some creative backs they would have knocked the Wallabies out.


The standout forwards for Aus were Cannon (around the field, not in lineouts), Lyons and Waugh have been the work horses (Smith is good but bring him on in the second half with 20 to go), Sharpe who was outstanding in his workload especially in the second half when I started watching the game again.  Cockbain who was essential in the win. The others can go bugger themselves. 


Now onto the backs.  Now wee Georgie actually played a game of rugby.  He ran, he kicked and he also passed.  Now its nice to see he can remember to do the first two items after so long. And he then scored a try! While Whitaker must have been in 7th heaven to get 15 min on the park. 


Larkham is scaring me.  His general kicking is like listening to nails being dragged down a blackboard.  If he kicks like that again, as he did in the Tri-Nations also, straight to the AB back three they are going to carve us a new orifice from where they will extract Bill from it's hiding place. 


The backline moves look to be over complicated and to me they are using dummy runners and provide a perfect shepherding motion to open up space.  That is of course until the butcher the move. I didnít write an article last week (Barge?) but Rogers in out of sorts and is trying to hard and making more mistakes than I care to mention; Roff isnít playing well; Sailor is struggling but has the ability to score individual tries against the ABS and England; and Burke sucks. 


I still have massive respect for Flatley who is working like a loose forward on more occasions than I care to remember securing the ball before the forwards arrive and his gaol kicking and passing are more than keeping him in the starting side.  While Giteau should probably be the starting 5/8 or IC and Flatley in the other spot but that injury last night didnít look like he would be playing next weekend.  While Tuqiri had a very good game and provided a hell of a lot of attacking options.


We have a backline that has no set combinations and it has cost us all year and will cost us next weekend.  The backline hasnít jelled due to chopping and changing the wrong players.  Rugerfan must have been correct about Mortlock and Chucky not being able to afford him in the Fantasyrugby comp.  Mortlock needed game time during the RWC in all pool games and didnít get it.  He must remain at OC though. For the love of God chucky for once donít make him move.


The complicated backline moves have got to stop as they arenít being executed with any finesse rather they resemble that old one eyed half castrated beaten up tom caterwauling late at night out of key. 


Since the chopping and changing ainít going to stop and the backline moves arenít working and certain players are not confident in their play it is time to bring back the X-factor.  Latham!


Latham can struggle in defence but he has a go and can create something out of nothing.  Since the wallabies can't run a play without stuffing up it's time to go back to individual brilliance. Latham is a gifted attacker with a great boot and he has combined well with Tuqiri in the past.  His combination with Flatley mustnít be over looked either, especially if Flatley is in at 5/8.


Aaargh! Surely they canít play three games in a row that poorly.  Then again a win is a win.


Let us know what you think!

Ahh, the sweet sweet sound of panic...

As for Chucky being a NZ agent if he is it's not the NZRU that's paying his wages, that would be far too cunning for them! (not that I'm still bitter about the co-hosting thing, but let's just say this weekend is our chance to roger Johnny and his boys the way he rogered us!)

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