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Semifinal 1: Wallabies V NZ
Semifinal 1: Wallabies V NZ
(RWC history repeats for NZ)

Wallabies v ABís

Sat 15 Nov


Ref: Chris White

Fulltime:   Wallabies 22 bitch slapped the Abs 10

Half time:  Wallabies 13 Kiwis 7


So you lot won the toss for the change room and the coin toss at kick-off. But guess what the wallabies won?  Thatís right we knocked you buggers of the park and into a possible third at best. 


So how many of you were crying into your beer?  Has NZ declared another state of emergency on par with the last time you lost the semi?  Will you all turn on the ABís like a pack of mongrel dogs after they just couldnít reach the standard yet again?  


Look I know that the ABís won the Bledisloe for the first time in 6 years but lets face facts that the pewter mug really aint as important as the Bill that gold trophy we have already won twice.  Iím sorry how many times have the ABís won it.  Donít worry itís only another 4 years until you get another shot at it.


I acknowledge that I bagged the wallabies savagely after the Scotland game and yes after that slap in the face from Barge I got my perspective back. And donít forget I did warn you in the Semi final prequel and I made disparaging comments about a cup being awarded for fouth place. I tipped the wallabies by 5 in the rugbycomp where I jumped x number of places up the rankings (common pdeb its only a game put up the score). That reminds me. I should go and sell those 2 kiwiís in my Fantasy rugby side.  Thanks Barge!


Eddie Jones and the wallabies must have been playing the bookies and set them up for one hell of a sting?  I wonder how much they pocketed from the TAB last night? 


For a change the wallabies played a very smart game plan.  They kept the ball in hand and didnít kick to the AB back three.  So they took away the ability of NZ to counter attack via your sensational backs.  I only remember Larkham kicking once last night and that was the field goal attempt. 


Bernie ran and ran and found holes in the much vaunted AB defensive line.  And again thankfully didnít kick.  While Mortlock finally got two games in a row and that intercept made all the difference.  His scything running has been sorely missed. While the Wallabies have a decent goal kicker in Flatley while the ABís have Ö. ?


While the defensive work by everyone, hats off to the forwards here, was sensational.  While the lineouts were a hell of a lot better and Harrison will be starting again next week.  The scrum was even reasonable solid for a change.


However, Collins wins the award for best tackle of the night.  And his legal hit on Sharpe lead to his replacement.  Hopefully Sharpe will be fit for next week but Darwin looks unlikely to play after having a ride on the medical golf buggy.

I must say this though.  The Abs have provided enjoyable attacking rugby all year. You just got beaten by the better side on the night.  Donít start tearing your team apart. 


You must also realise since professionalism Australia has improved in leaps and bounds as it finally can keep its talent base in union and not keep losing a massive number of players to league.  If the trend does keep continuing you buggers might have to let us have another team in the Super x comp.


All I can say is it just makes you wonder where the hell this commitment has been all year.  Or has this been the biggest betting scandal in ages?  It would make Fine Cotton look like a preschool prank.


Now onto the final and keep Billy boy safe from the NH damp.


Let us know what you think!

Ouch! I have an Australian made knife in my back!

As for crying in my beer - not this time. Remember us Kiwis have had more practice crashing out of the Cup than you Aussies. I've forgotten the game already. What game?

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