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NH finally beats SH in RWC Final
NH finally beats SH in RWC Final
(Damn it)

Canít remember score but Poms win by 3

Blame grog for poor memory

Ref Andrea Watson


Fist of all Iím verry veyy drunk and will regret this in the morning.


Well done England.  After 100 minutes of rugby you have finally beat a SH team in the finals.  Your spectators did you proud, just like your team.


What a final.  I hate to point fingers but at this stage of the night thatís all I can do because half a bottle of Bundy black aint the best conversational enhancer. Ití a conversational stopper.  But damn Rogers and his inability to kick out while our execution at the lineout left a lot to be desired.  To few Qlderís in the side where was Latham and McIssacs?  And by the way whereís the escapee key?




What can I say apart from when you win it twice you can finally be at our level!  .  Thatís right I am totally pissed and trying to find escape routs.  Flatley can not be blamed. Firstly because he is a QLDer and secondly the first one hit the cross bar and the second one was at the end of his range.  And by the way we still finished above NZ.


I was impressed with the Poms attack.  At one stage I almost believed it was 1991 again and the Poms have swallowed the attack or perish line.  And was I hoping they had fallen for the bait again.  But no! They stood their ground and where counted.  But it only took a drop goal in the final minute!


Arrgh!  You totally dominated the pill after 20 minutes.


See you in 4 years for our trophy.


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On ya Geeves, that's real commitment to front up with a match report so soon after Martin Johnson (or was it Martin Devlin as Keith Quinn called him in his wrapup!) and his ugly mates cleaned out what was left of your trophy cabinet!
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(Although it could have just been on the Reload button doing some serious ego padding!)