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OTAGO smack QLD Red in the cold
OTAGO smack QLD Red in the cold
(Does NZ have a Summer?)

Highlanders V Reds

20 Feb 2004


Ref: Tappe Henning

Otago  39 def   Reds 8

Halftime  27 to 0


The game didnít start well from what I could determine from the strobe like picture quality I was getting.  I didnít even see the first try. 


The things went from bad to worse and didnít see the second try being scored as I was too busy cleaning kiddie spew off the floor.  My daughter was obviously expressing her concerns early and decided that we really didnít need to see the game. And why werenít the ĎWigglesí on?  I only really was able to watch the game after Ĺ time and was wondering like hell why it was suddenly 27 nill.


One question, as I am currently writing this report in this barmy 41 degree Celsius plus day, does NZ have a summer? I didnít quite realise NZ was so far south and that Invercargill is Maori for Antarctica.  We have better temperatures at night, in winter, than those 8 degrees they had to play in.


Look I feel sorry for the Chiefs next Saturday; the Blues the week after; and then the Crusaders when they experience some sunshine.  You poor buggers are going to be half their weight after the game. Then again, narr bugger it!  Whoever plays you the following week will have a field day playing against skeletons.


The highlanders played very well. Dominant in the tackle, smothering in defence and played to the conditions.  This led to the Reds looking as though they had no idea in attack, especially in the second half.  Although they did cross the line twice in the first half but couldnít ground the ball.


The Reds can hold onto the ball but they are not recycling it fast enough to draw in the opposition's forwards to create the gaps for their backs.


I take it by now some of you have worked it out that its QLD when we win and the Reds when we lose. By keeping the two separate QLD can still have a great season!


On a side note, S. Kefu contacted Bells Palsy in NZ and has had to take a banned substance in order to regain his health.  I wish him a speedy and full recovery and hope that common sense prevails so that he doesnít get penalised for taking a drug to reduce the risk of facial paralysis.  The rules here should be simple; a playerís health should never be put at risk.  If it is the best thing to take, then they should be allowed to take it. 


Let us know what you think!

Actually Invercargill is scottish for tropical paradise, but that's the scots for you!

Damn shame about your all-conquering Reds though Geeves, I don't like their chances, or Queenslands...

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