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Steve Kefu on Steroids!
Steve Kefu on Steroids!
(I think I can! I think I can!)

QLD v Chiefs

Ballymore: 28/02/04

Ref: Shaun Veldsman (South Africa)

Score: QLD 35 def Chiefs 29

Halftime      18  to 10


The pre-match entertainment started with a serious flogging of merchandise and the unveiling of QLD’s new song!  Don’t worry you didn’t miss a thing and no one is going to learn it.   Then the QLD players ran out to the theme from 2001 a Space snooze and this had me genuinely concerned about their chances.  A dull movie for a …………


Anyway, after 24 seconds Steve Kefu charged over for his first try of the night that bolstered my optimism greatly.  It was slightly reminiscent of Latham efforts of 21 seconds against the Brumbies at QLD first home game last year.  This year unlike last year however, they won the game.


It seemed only seconds later that Steve Kefu was in for his second try after he ripped the ball out of the hapless Chiefs defensive line and fell over the line. That course of treatment, for the facial paralysis, really looked to work well. He also scored an unofficial third try when he gifted a pass to Glen Jackson.  Well you couldn’t complain too much as he probably couldn’t see too well out of that eye and you do get mood swings when taking steroids.


It’s been a while since QLD looked as slick as they did in the opening 10 minutes.  So it really wasn’t a huge shock that the game did degenerate.  The game did end up being scrappy in the middle 40, with neither side willing to string phases together.  Last week they could control the ball and not cross the line.  This week couldn’t control the pill to save themselves but scored 5 tries and 5 points for the round.


Keith Robinson obviously wasn’t match fit and decided he needed a breather after 35 minutes.  I mean if you are going to throw a punch you at least wait until you are in the breakdown and/or scrum.  Not in plain view in front of linesman Andre Watson.  Silly boy, I remember being told that one early in the piece.


Another over vigorous rucking incident, well off the ball, towards the end of the game highlighted the Chief’s frustration with the game.  I won’t be surprised if we hear more about that one as the crowd howled when justice was denied.


The chiefs put on a good fight back in the open 20 of the second half to draw level in the score but QLD decided to play rugby again and ended up winning by 14 points when Todd Feather dummied his way over for a try, in the last minutes, which he promptly converted.


Well onto next week when QLD take on equal last placed side in the comp. Now whose that again? 


Let us know what you think!

Hmm, I'm a bit concerned about your knowledge of the side-effects or steriods Geeves, are you sure the mood are just because Kefu plays for the Reds? They certainly seem to give their fans mood swings!

As for the "next week we take on equal last!" crack, you'll keep mate. Be prepared for a mood swing or two when my Red & Black machine cruises into BrisVegas...

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