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Crusaders vs Reds, take 3 (a night on the hill)
Crusaders vs Reds, take 3 (a night on the hill)
(a not so live report from Brisvegas)

I donít remember that much of Saturday nightís game at Wendall stadium (AKA Ballymore). Must have been all the beer - or perhaps it was the price of $4.50 a cup that made me feel a tad light headed.

Why is it that every time Wendall touches the ball the crowd goes wild - OK so occasionally he does a great bulldozing run at the try line and scores but more often than not he doesnít do that much at all. Hmmm - yes and he did previously play rugby league for the Broncos and Queensland but he has since repented and changed to the true game - Does he deserve to be idolised because he had the sense to swap codes.

Back to the game - Who was that ref and who let him on the field - now I am not usually one for criticising refs* but what was going on with that first try to Qld. It was so blatantly dropped that even I, in a semi anebriated state and viewing the big screen from the opposite end of the field, could have seen that it was dropped over the line. It appears to me that the ref must have been unsighted which is fair enough - but in this world of modern gadgetry we can refer such decisions to the video ref.

And what is it with that kid on the quad bike that brings out the kicking tee for the Qld team and while Iím whingeing the large crowds that Wendall stadium is attracting are a pain in the bum. In the old days it was only a short walk from the car to the half empty stadium now it takes all of 10 minutes - no wonder I need a beer or 4 by the time I get there.

Apart from this the game was a good one to be at. Some good trys, a close finish and a brawl on the hill to watch just after full time. Oh and the Crusaders won - canít beat that !!

Next week Auckland V Qld - who on earth do I barrack for in that one ????

*unless said ref makes any decision, right or wrong, against Canterbury, the All Blacks or any team playing against Australia, South Africa or France apart from the aforementioned teams.


Let us know what you think!

Hey Third Idiot, great to see you back!

As for who to support next week? AS hard as it is to say, I think you have to support the Black and Blues, it will be their 3rd string team after all!

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