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Tryless Blues or should that be Try more Blues
Tryless Blues or should that be Try more Blues
(QLD humiliate the vaunted Blues attack)

QLD v Blues

13 March 2004


Ref: some bugger


QLD 20 defeated Blues 3

Halftime 5 to 3


So I was right in the back three for the Blues to be humiliated along with the rest of their side at Ballymore I just didn’t think it would be that big of a drubbing.  The QLD back three scored 3 tries and the best the whole of the Blues outfit could do was a solitary penalty in the first half.


It was the QLD defence that was outstanding.  Any break was covered up and the ferocity of the tackling only increased as the game went on.  The last stanza in particular was a defensive onslaught when the Blues were in attack on the 5m line and were smashed back to the 22 with quality hard hitting that the Blues had no counter for.


Wellington kindly provided me with the fact that “The last time the Blues played a game and did not score a try was 24th April 1999 v Sharks at Eden park. The Final score was 12-6 .......to the Sharks”


So it’s been a couple of years since someone held the Jafa’s try-less. And it really makes it all the sweeter after last years drubbing in my opinion.  And I will ignore the fact that the Blues had how many injuries.  AS QLD won!


Hats off to the Blues in attack around the breakdowns as Keven Mealamu and the other front row members dominated in quick sniping runs that tried to get the backline firing but they just couldn’t counter the defence and struggled in execution. 


QLD game plan of pass the ball off the ground was novel and I hope I never see it again.  All I can say is Latham is a bloody freak!  2 tries and he set up Sailor's.  It was no wonder that he was named man of the match.


I am in such a good mood that I think I stop rubbing it in as it just gets too petty when you lord it over your vanquished foes. Cause I forgot to take the digital camera.


On a side note, thanks to the bloke sitting next to me who I saved from doing a swan dive over the seats in front of us.  I put the money to great use at the bar afterwards.  Not bad: free tickets; a quality win; and then free booze all leads to a bloody good night out!


Let us know what you think!

And so the rollercoaster season continues, 63% of punters on RugbyComp picked the Blues to win this one, although I notice the 37% wasn't only our Aussie mates!

Sure the (Black and) Blues can claim they have injury worries but they still have more strike power out wide than the Australian airforce (don't even get me started on the Kiwi Airforce!) so there is just no excuse to not be able to score a try against the Reds!

That does it, I think they should forfeit Rupeni to the Crusaders for the next month...

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