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Blues vs Hurricanes
Blues vs Hurricanes
(Well the Hurricanes didn't lose at least!)
Hurricanes  vs Blues
Friday March 26 at 7.35
Westpac Stadium
Ref  Paddy OBrian
Full time Canes 26  Blues 26
Half time Canes 13  Blues 11
A windy nite in the Capital, what else is new. This time History says the Canes will not win. A small comfort I think.
Tana Umaga is still not fit for the home side and Xavier Rush and Daniel Braid return for the Blues. Ali Williams is relegated to the bench.
Not a great start for the Blues, an intercept try after 5 minutes. I hate even talking about it and the idiot who threw it. Soon Atiga adds a penalty and Super Slim, Brad Mika scores a try and its Blues by 8-7.
This is a massive improvement on 2 weeks ago. Plenty of chin wagging about Paddy OBrien in the match build up about his book and he soon adds another chapter by sending Steve Devine for an early smoko. I have to admit Paddy does seem to be favouring the home team a bit as penalties are traded and the siren goes for half time.
A few more Penalties after the break, two to David Howell and the Canes are out to 19-14. Have they forgotten what history said before the game!!
A great burst from Dougie Howlett, all of 40 metres, and Rush finishes it off beside the sticks and the Blues are back in front 21-19.
Another burst sees Rush going over again, but the TMO rules he lost control over the line. Being one eyed I had to disagree, but I wish Rush had just fallen on it, rather than using his hands.
A good scrum from the Blues and they go the short side for Rupeni to score in the corner. Its 26-19 now and 20 min to go.
Did I say Rupeni !! You would hardly know he was playing, for all the ball he's been seeing in this game. I know there are some " Pommie spys " in the ground, so lets just sub him instead and bring on another clown called Rico Gear.
Time is running out, only 4 minutes to go and much to the joy of Nathan and his lucky undies, some " no name " Kinikinilau scores and its tied up 26-26.
A couple of duffer drop kick attempts by Ai'i and the hooter sounds. I feel like I've just been kissed by my sister........a hopeless outcome. The look of relief on the Hurricane players tell it all and history was the only winner.
" Buggar " is about the only polite word I can think of right now.

Let us know what you think!

Oh darn, what a shame. It makes me laugh when commentators whinge about this result being terrible for the NZ teams. The Super 12 is not an international competition, it's a club competition, so all you should care about is how a result affects your club's chances.

Which is why the Crusaders, Chiefs and Highlanders fans were all cheering at the end of it!

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