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Reds bumble into a week storm (the lost article)
Reds bumble into a week storm (the lost article)
(Okay, what happened in the bye?)

Reds v Stormers

Sat 10 April


Ref: : Kelvin Deaker (New Zealand)


Score Reds 20 lost to Stormers 21

Halftime    15 to 6


First real chance to watch the rugby again after being in the aerial ping pong mad state and I canít believe how badly the reds look after the bye.  What are we up to now our fourth 5/8 for the season.


The last game I watched QLD play was the hard physical encounter with the Blues where the Blues were held scoreless (okay so they were without Spencer who orchestrated a devastating tune on the Bulls on Friday night), then I have to stomach this error ridden performance of a side that looked like its been nobbled. And the Stormers effort really wasnít that much better.


The Reds are playing very slow and dour but then show flashes of brilliance when they run onto the ball (their third try for example when Hynes planted the ball down in the corner after Roe pinched the kick off). But the bulk of the time they are receiving the ball flat footed and then execute a movement that would made the keystone cops look competent.


The poor clean out at the breakdown and the lack of a halfback or someone to pass the ball when its out was an open invitation for Krige and the rest of the Stormersí lossies to have a field day.


The poor passing and option taking was exploited by the stormers in the start of the second half with two quick tries that got them a lead that they didnít relinquish.  Oh for a fit and confident Flatley to ignite that backline that does look good when its going forward.


There are some telling holes in the Queensland side;

       A captain with brains for a start (what was Stiles thinking when he chucked that ball)

       A front row to help in the scrum

       Execution, as the option taking and passing is a joke


       Latham is brilliant but is trying to do it all on his own and the lack of support is telling once he punches through the first line of defence time after time

       There is no one chasing the kick. I expect to see a defensive line thundering down on the opposition.


The stormers are going to have to do a whole lot better than that this weekend if they donít want to get spanked by the Blues.  While the QLD forwards are going to have to muscle up and play tight around the breakdowns to stop the Bulls forward momentum running away with the game.


Looks as though itís another season down the toilet until of course we kick the crap out of NSW in the last round and I feel a whole lot better.


Let us know what you think!

Jules going AWOL (with some excuse of moving Cone Stadium) meant that this one slipped through the cracks. Not that it really matters given the fact that the Reds haven't got any better since Geeves wrote this!
Supposedly this article has been viewed times since we bothered to start counting*.
(Although it could have just been on the Reload button doing some serious ego padding!)