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A Riot at the Garden of Eden
A Riot at the Garden of Eden
(This was the Nightmare from Hell for us Blues supporters)
Blues vs Stormers
Friday April 16 at 7.35
Garden of Eden
Ref Andrew Cole
Half time Blues 11 Stormers 36
Full time Blues 23 Stormers 51 This was the Nightmare from Hell for us Blues supporters. And this time I was there to see it, well almost. I left at halftime. It was an overcast night as I arrived with the wife and kids at the Park. A big crowd was turning up, expecting more of last weeks form. We had a good view, to the left of the posts, where Ai'i scored later. About kick off time, a group in clown suits, a glittery Blue, with pokadot shirts and little hats, sat in front of us. To my amazement they commenced to beat drums,blow trumpets, sing and rattle shakers non stop. I don't think they knew one end of a rugby ball from another as thery seemed more interested in their music. No sooner was I distracted from the rugby, the Stormers scored a try and the goons in front joined in singing " Stormers Stormers". Bloody hell I was thinking as the ire of the surrounding fans grew as the noise continued to boom boom in our ears. Soon my " Better Half " with steam coming from her ears, alerted security, much to the applause of the fans. My focus on the Rugby was completely gone as the noise continued and Security came and went on several occassions. During this I managed to see Ai'i score, and I took time to remind the band that this was a rugby game, not a cricket match in the West Indies. I even missed the Gerber, head smack, on Carlo's jaw. I caught that on the video screen, as that seemed to be the only place to look to see Rugby. The fans patience was running out, as some bottles rained down. I felt like getting hold of the guy with the trumpet and sticking it " where the sun don't shine". Meanwhile the Blues got completely derailed. Gibson and Rokocoko went off injured, and Carlos, recovered...not. In about the next 15 minutes the Blues conceded 4 tries and the game. Carlos, who should have gone off, threw the intercept pass....goodnight nurse to a number 8... Badenhorst. Then it was Rico Gears turn, lose it forward inside the 22, and goodnite nurse...deCock. Back to Carlos again, turnover ball and Chachanga...who...scores. Back to the kickoff, and hullo... Carlos again, not 10 metres, and another try follows to Greef. The score was 36-11 and the Stormers had missed 4 conversions as well. So its half time, my right ear drum is completly numb from the band. My focus on the game is gone. My wife is spitting tacks at the drummer, and being Scottish, they should know better. We had a final chat to security and found out the Blues Events manager had a brain storm to put these guys in the stand to " create atmosphere". Well maybe at half time or at stoppages, but not 40 minutes nonstop. Anyway, enough punishment I thought, and went home to watch the 2nd half on the telly, minus the band. So a delayed 2nd half viewing,did not turn things around for the Blues. The Stormers seemed to be drop kick happy, like all Sth African sides are, and managed one through the TMO of all people. What a joke. Ai'i managed to show us some of his skills, a little, and I mean little, chip kick over Joubert's head.....not....and goodnite nurse again. I have never seen such dumb rugby in all my life. And Graeme Henry was there to see it. Do I dare go to the final game against the Highlanders?? Will the Band turn up? One thing is for sure, I'll be at Eden Park demanding a refund after missing most of the first 40 minutes. Look out Events Manager, your ears will be ringing.

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Gee...that...was...a...shame...Blues getting beaten like that. Yes...real shame.
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