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QLD vs NSW - The Bunny turns 9
QLD vs NSW - The Bunny turns 9
(NSWís season lies buried in a graveyard)


Lang Park, Brisbane

Sat 8 May 2004

Ref: Andrew Cole (QLD)


Score QLD 23 whooped NSW 7

Halftime QLD 3 v duck


For those that donít know the Lang Park ground covers part of an old cemetery and NSWís season was laid to rest yet again by QLD thus the location couldnít have been more apt.  Condolences were sent out to all NSW supporters in the form of the 42,000 crowd pissing themselves at NSW expense, yet again.


Once again the experts tell us that NSW will rise to the occasion:

Planet Rugby Prediction: Waratahs by 10 points.


Rugbyheaven Experts



50% of the rugbycomp, look I can understand Bargeís patriotism but Jules, Tesrof and Wobbly, you really should have a good long hard look in the mirror and give yourself an uppercut.  And you buggers call your self rugby experts. Every year it goes to script the only question is the margin and it was even better than I predicted.


But there is nothing like a hard physical game to sort the men out from the pretenders.  There are going to be several NSW players really worried about their chances at gaining a wallaby jumper after that effort. 


While several underrated QLD players have improved their chances to at least make the training squad.  Row and Crofty in particular, probably took the points against their rivals but as they say one game doesnít make a season.  But they are wrong!  It can mean everything!  Especially when it involves dismantling another national side when playing for a trophy that NSW hands have never defiled.


I also really enjoyed the clash of the back three.  Hynes was outstanding against Tiquiri and didnít give Tiqiri a chance to do anything.  Hynes tackled him well and even scored his try by beating Tiqiri to the line.  While the battle of the captains was superb.  Flatley v Whitaker and Flatleyís smashing tackle on Whitaker really summarised the brutality of a match, when men play against boys and leadership versus hopefulness.


While Sharpe, Valentine and Latham have loved the return of Flatley to the helm and they have all played exceptionally well.  Valentine has even started to snipe from the baseline and his tactical kicking has improved.  Sharpe has been running the ball up and making breaks and keeping the lineouts and breakdowns in order.  While Latham is more relaxed as he isnít trying to win the game by himself so he ends up making the breaks with ease rather than forcing them.


Now I can sit back and reflect on the season and just wish we didnít have so many injuries in the no 10 jumper this year.  Or what it could have been if Flatley was playing all year.


You know next year I wonder if NSW will just forfeit the game as Iím sure next year's home crowd couldnít take another loss.


Let us know what you think!

You are right Geeves, anyone who picked the Watalaughs to win the Super 12 State of O deserves an uppercut, and anyone harping on about teams throwing key matchups in the interests of national representation in the semis deserves a Jerry Collins forearm to the head!

The Reds, Hurricanes and Sharks certainly weren't giving their countrymen a cruisy ride into the playoffs, although only the Reds managed to deliver a knockout!

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