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QLD defrock the kilted ones
QLD defrock the kilted ones
(Blame the former NSW coach)

QLD v Scotland

Sat 29 May


Ref: no idea


Fulltime: QLD 41 def Scotland 5

Halftime: QLD 29 Scotland 0


Got some free tickets for the hill so headed out to the game with a couple of mates and to be honest I wasnít always paying that much attention to the Scots as bullshitting and drinking came to the fore, especially after halftime and based on what I can remember of the match after then I donít think I really missed much.


For those that donít know Mat Williams the former NSW coach is now in charge of Scotland and his record against QLD hasn't improved much. 


QLD dominated the opening half and ran in 5 tries by dissecting the Scots all over the park with such efficiency and skill under the leadership of Flatley that I nearly started to cry into my beer thinking about the Super 12 season and what could have been.  The backs out wide cashed in early and often, Latham had his 2 tries by halftime.


QLD direction fell apart shortly after Flatley left the field, at the start of the second half, with some concerns over his forearm.  Which has now been confirmed as I write this with a minium stint of 7 weeks on the sideline wearing a cast with a crack in his arm.  This will open up the Wallaby squad and I think they will have to call up a halfback to cover for Gregan as Giteau will play IC now and there will be no one on the bench who could cover the halfback role. Valentine would be my pick as he had another blinder last night.


While other injuries to Hardman finally allowed McIsaacs to get on for nearly a full game this season.  He ended up with the Bundy Rum man of the match award and a try for his efforts. Roe was brilliant again, playing in 6 (as Chucky asked), stealing lineouts, his kicking game and ability to break the line should have him starting for the Wallabies at 8.


Qld only managed to cross the line twice after half time and we finally heard the cat being strangled after 75 minutes of rugby when the Scots managed to cross the line.


I know this was only the Scots second string side but if Samoa isnít tearing them limb from limb next game Iím going to be surprised.  Who knows NSW might even get to win a game when they meet.


The next game at Ballymore is the QLD Presidents XV v the Combined Pacific game.  Have to make sure I get along to that one.


Bugger about Flatley though!  But he should be back for the Tri-Nations. 


Let us know what you think!

Ah the poor old Scots, let's hope they are the first of many Northern Hemisphere visitors to be put to the sword when they come south over the next month or so.

As for Flatley being out who will kick goals for the Wallabies now then eh?

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