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Haggis delight at the Cake Tin
Haggis delight at the Cake Tin
(The tune)
Scotland vs Samoa
Friday 4th June 7.30pm
Westpac Stadium

Full time Scotland 38 Samoa 3
Half time Scotland 16 Samoa 3

The sparrows were farting early on Friday morning as we departed Auckland for the long drive south to the capital. The roads were dry and I remember thinking it looked a good day for driving. We bypassed the boring leg of the trip, Hamilton,( in the dark is even better) by turning off at Tirau and heading to Cambridge.

By the time we reached Taupo, the weather had turned to crap and who said " Sunny Otaki" , was full of crap. The wind and Waves at Kapiti were a surfers delight too. We headed towards Upper Hutt and reached our Motel at Petone, around 5pm. I felt totally zonked from the drive and grabbed 40 winks.

We got on a train into the Capital. Mrs Fitzy had her rather large Scottish flag drapped around her shoulders. Considering we were in a carriage full of Samoans, I felt rather sheepish about where my loyalties lay. Still, it was 0-0 at this stage. I decided with the wind being rather strong, and the possibility of rain, to get Covered seats.

Much to Mrs Fitzy's ire, our seats were stuck right in the back row. I don't know about her, but I felt safer at the back, when she started waving that flag of hers. Flower of Scotland soon droaned around the Stadium, and I felt like I was back at Suncorp Stadium, at the World Cup, where the last massacre took place.

The Samoans got on the board early, but it was a false dawn. And soon it was a Zulu uprising, as the Scots raced out to a 16-3 half time lead. I moved, well wriggled with discomfort, the more Mrs Fitzy bellowed out " Scotland " and continued to wave that flag. She could not hide her delight as the Scots extended their lead to 26-3. I rushed off to buy her a " Tui" or two. Anything to gag that mouth of hers.

The Scots in the crowd were doing " Highland Flings " as the scoreline mounted. The tune " I would walk 500 miles, " by the Proclaimers was getting a good thrashing too. I even heard Mrs Fitzy wish Samoa a try to keep them happy. I began thinking of the train ride home and where I could hide that flag of hers. Soon it was all over and Samoa has been dealt a good thrashing by 38-3. Had Scotland taken full advantage, I'm sure 50 plus would have been achieved.

We got safely back to the streets of Petone before the flag came out again. Passing cars tooted their approval, and in a petrol station she happened upon Norm Hewett of all people. Norm and her have one thing in common, their height. They could see each other! Anyway Norm was full of praise for the Scots and said they deserved their victory. This seemed to top off the night, as the Blue cross got another good airing all the way back to the motel.

To sum up, I enjoyed the game. Good defence by the Scots. And a great transport system to and from the game. Wish we had this set-up in Auckland.


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Whenever I picture a Scotsman (or Scotswomen for that matter!) I always think of Fat Bastard off Austin Powers. Seems not only do the Scots "...eaat bab-ies...", they also eat Samoans for breakfast! Nasty bunch of people them Scots...
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