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Kilts make the Wallabies work hard
Kilts make the Wallabies work hard
(Australia v Scotland, Game 1, 2004)

Wallabies v Scotland

Melbourne 13 June 2004


Australia 35 defeated Scotland 15

Halftime 16 to 15



Apparently it was an afternoon game but with the roof shut itís a bit hard to tell and having the closed roof doesnít do too much for grass that is struggling to grow on sand.  While Iím bitching can someone please tell me why the Wallabies are playing in Melbourne anyway?  Itís not as if they have a Super 12 side, like Canberra, yet Canberra doesnít generally get test matches.  No sorry. I know the answer, the Melbourne stadium has more seats, despite the fact there isnít anyone sitting in them.


Good work from the Scots forwards who kept a very tight defensive line and enjoyed smashing their more vaunted rivals back on several occasions.  There defensive efforts were unfortunately negated by there poor handling in attack, otherwise they should have racked up far more points.


The covering defence especially by the Scottish fullback was sensational he provided good hard hits at pace that prevented tries being scored.  He also covered up the return kicks nicely and he was a pleasure to watch even though I was cursing him on more than one occasion for covering up a linebreak.


While Parks played a very good tactical kicking game for position and territory and made the wallabies bleed points every time they caused a penalty with his perfect penalty kicking for the night.  Another talent that NSWRU didnít spot, as he didnít come from league!


The Wallaby kicking was pathetic and there is no excuse. Roff and Larkham were generally diabolical in that department, either air-swings or straight down the throat.  Rust should not affect your kicking game especially since both of the main culprits excelled in that department in the Super 12 final.


The pressure on Wallaby spots was very obvious in three key positions:

1.      Rathbone had a strong game and was trying to impress in order to make the bench for the next game.

2.      Lyons played the house down to prevent Roe getting a chance.

3.      Sailor played a very good game as Gerrard and Rathbone are now after that spot. He actually tackled, joined in with the forwards, a good couple of runs; and a try which he plucked out of the air



Disappointed with:

1.      Giteau as he was used as the dummy runner a fair bit.  But this could be a ploy to actually use him next time or against England (once the ABís finish grinding them up);

2.      Lineouts and scrum especially could do with some more work; and

3.      More tightning up around the breakdowns especially when on attack to draw in more opposition.


Every year I bitch and moan about it but the worst thing about the game is f###ing Gordon Bray.  The idiot doesnít even know who the Wallabies are as he keeps getting their names wrong.  While wonderful comments like (paraphrased) in the village were Samo grew up ďthere are 500 people crammed around one TVĒ.  Although, I am surprised that he didnít start naming his teacher from grade 1 or some other interesting titbit of trivia to astound the masses, that have nothing to do with the game.


Once again the Wallabies have started their test campaign in winning but uninspiring fashion (unlike the ABs) however, we all know what happens in the crunch matches, especially with the kiwiís donít we. Now just think if there were 700 odd calls for emergency services after the Super 12 final, whatís going to happen after the Tri-Nations?


Let us know what you think!

Ah the enternal Aussie optimist aren't you Geeves, your boys sneak out a first up win against a 3rd rate Scots team while meanwhile we pound a strong English team and somehow that equates to you having some edge in the Tri-Nations. Let's just see how your boys go against the same Pommy team before you get too cocky, I don't think you should be looking to remove the mothballs from your international trophy cabinet just yet!
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