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Australia whallops woeful England
Australia whallops woeful England
(Aus Grandson does good! - Rathbone racks up 3)

Wallabies V England

26 June 2004

Lang Park, Brisbane


Aus 51 def Eng 15


Thatís it! Every time we play the Poms it must be in Brisbane.  The last 2 times the Poms have travelled to Lang Park to play the Wallabies they have been smashed by a cricket score.  (76-0 was the other margin). Not a bad turnaround since the last world cup.  Talk about Chucky setting the Poms up for a con job as predicted, I just had no idea that they would obliterate them on the score board as they did.  And like most of my picks, I got the winner but no where near the score.


It was a very different style of game compared to the ABís, Pom series or it was just the camera angles provided by the rugby coverage?


Often during the coverage of this match the camera view was pulled back rather than in close concentrating on the breakdowns as NZ coverage was.  While both sides were willing to give the ball air to see what it could do were as last two weeks the Poms really didnít let the ball get past the forwards.  It must be suggested that the Poms looked as though they really didnít want to be there as their level of commitment just seemed to be lacking. 


I just didnít see the competition in the breakdowns like last weekend as Paddy was quick on the whistle to prevent stuff. By providing consistent decisions at the breakdown the Wallabies could keep some of their forwards out to run the ball up. (I have no problems with his refereeing at all).


I know I should be rubbing it in more after you had 50 put on you but I was laughing so hard during the game that I just ended up feeling sorry for you Pommy supporters. The only bad thing about the game is that I didnít have a pommy supporter sitting next to me.  English rugby should be ashamed and give us back Bill after that performance.


Rathbone played very well.  However, I reckon that any winger would have scored the first two which were good finishes but the third was a special gem that I reckon most wingers dream about.  However, I bet that Sailor hardly slept after the game worrying about getting back into the side.  Questions must be raised about the training that the wallabies are doing as Gerrard pulled his hammy on Thursday/Friday and Sailor did his in the warm-up.  Although blessed with talent in the back three we really shouldn't be letting injury rule the decision of starting side.


The Poms have some serious problems in defence once that ball gets wide.  In the last 2 weeks, an individual winger has scored three tries against them.  While their forward pack just doesnít have the same grunt that it used to.  Yes they are strong in the set pieces but once the ball gets out from the breakdowns they just arenít cutting it. 


Itís not all smiles after that performance as the Aussie forwards sucked in the set pieces.  Paul especially was diabolical in his lineout execution.  F### me but I swore he throw it straight to Gregan in one attempt.  And he is still inept at scrum time.  Baxter is still learning but he doesnít get found out as badly when Cannon is there.  Okay so Paul scored 2 tries but his throwing probably cost 2 as well.


The Poms scrum is still strong and they again showed up the poor scrummaging that has been the Wallabies Achilles heals since the 1999 RWC.  The inability to provide a pack that in dominating in the scrum really limits the options available in attack within oppositions 22.


After such an abysmal tour, I reckon that the ABís broke the Poms spirit, while the Wallabies broke their heart.  You know, I canít wait to here the excuses start to fly or see the articles coming out about the strength of NH rugby from the paid rugby writers.  No doubt they can find some excuses for the Poms losing 3, Scotland 2, Ireland 2, at least the Welsh bucked the trend as they actually won 1 out of 3, instead of all their games.


What the rugby experts should be asking is where the #### is the chariot? And does Drugio have to be captain?  If I remember correctly he wasnít that good at it last time either!


The next game the wallabies play is against the combined Pacific team and this could really be a high scoring affair. But Iíll be holding off any comments about that until I see the team list as it will probably be used to give the squad members a run.


By the way now we have the Super 12 trophy and the Cook Cup back. There is only one thing as sweet as listening to poms whine, its kiwiís bitch about their side and coach.  Roll on the Tri-Nations and lets keep the door to the trophy cabinet open.  Iím thinking we may have a few inclusions before the year is over.


Let us know what you think!

A good win by your boys alright and a great entree to what should be a very competitive tri-nations. However you should probably give the ABs a bit more credit than you do. I'm sure the Wallabies and their supporters wouldn't have been nearly as confident going into a rematch with England if you didn't have the foresight of seeing the same team get stuffed twice by the ABs first!
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