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Canterbury Win!
Canterbury Win!
(More reasons not to worry)

Canterbury's 2nd warm up game against Queensland bought the Cantabs a hard earned win against the Red's 30 - 29.

Like all the other pre-season games that have been going on in the last few weeks, it's pointless reading too much into it. All teams are working on combinations & the results simply are not important.

Having said that the Cantabs in my view impressed.

Mehrts proved what an absolute star he is. He really turned the tide.

Toddy at lock is a masterstroke!!! Reuben Thorne is the same height as Toddy & has always been more mobile. Toddy's inspirational leadership & blood 'n' guts approach is ideal in the tiqht five. Height is no longer a prerequisite for lock.

James Kerr really impresses at fullback. His speed & elusiveness are proving a handfull.

Daryll Gibson should be an AB!!!! The man has to be the most versatile back in the country. A 'must' for the world cup squad.

The jury is out on Caleb Ralph. Not convinced by him yet. Can't wait for Bubs to be back in action. The top tackling 2nd five in the S12 (& NPC) last year is a fearsome defender.

All in all I think the Crusaders will do the Marlborough, Nelson Bays, Buller, West Coast, Mid Canterbury, South Canterbury & Canterbury unions proud again this season. Whether or not we win again is another question!


The Chiefs are (like the Blues) an unkown quantity this season. Mind you any team that has the Ranfurly Shield holders as the basis of the franchise has gotta be tough. Through in a few South Aucklanders like Jonah 'I ate far too much KFC in the off-season' Lomu & they are a force to be reckoned with.

A toughie but a goodie first up....CAN'T WAIT!!!! : - )


Let us know what you think!

Well that little guy Mehrts showed his class yet again.  When I die, I'll be leaving him my favourite codpiece!

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