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Azzurri prepare for the All Blacks
Azzurri prepare for the All Blacks
(Perchč persist con due titoli?)

Hello my readers, it is your friend John-Paul who is going to tell you about the Azzurri.

Next Saturday in the afternoon they will play the All Blacks. I know that you will be wondering how the Azzurri will be going. That is very polite of you to ask, and so I will tell you.

I must be telling you what I did not know until today about the Azzurri. The Azzurri had a warm-up match against the team from Canada. This game it was played on Saturday. I did not know about it before.

I am not happy about this - why was not I told about this game? That is, I think, the last time that I will let Mrs. Georgeandringo be "baby sitting" for Senor Kirwan!

But more I will tell you about the game that you do not know. Most important is that this is big game for Azzurri. We are the number 11 team, the Canada is the number 13 team. So we must beat them!

The Azzurri team they know about beating. Well OK, the Azzurri they know about being beaten. It is different, but it is also the same. The Azzurri they can use this knowledge to play the Canada.

Last time the Azzurri win, but they did not beat the Canada very much. The score that day, it was 19-14. It was a World Cup game. It was a win, so I am very pleased.

So maybe you can know how it is I feel now. How I feel now I know the score of the Saturday game. The score of the Saturday game, it is better than 19-14. I laugh at 19-14, it is nothing!

This is because the Azzurri have scored 13 points in just the first half. In the second half the Azzurri score many more points.

The Azzurri they score 6 tries, the Canada score zero. The Canada score 2 penalties, and Azzurri score 3, but you must also see that they kick all 6 conversions!

The Azzurri score 51 points, the Canada score 6!

I think that you see that the Azzurri, they kick the Canada!

You will want to know who are the hero for the Azzurri. Again, I thank you for your kind question.

There are five players who score the points. This is very many.

You ask if the heroes they are like the famous Italian hero Russell Crowe? You should not be saying this thing to me, I would not be happy.

Though I say that one is, the number 10 who is Mr. Rima Wakarua. He score the 21 points with the kicks. He is very great New Zealand kicker. I am worried that you in New Zealand might want him back! You should not ask this, you have too many number 10 already.

You have so many that you cannot to send one of them with the All Blacks!

But there are the two real Italian hero: Andrea Masi, and Fabio Ongaro. Both of these men, they score two tries.

If you are a woman, you may be thinking that one of these men, he must be a "pretty boy"? But I say to you that it is not Fabio Ongaro, he is a hooker, he is not that Fabio!

Andrea Masi, he is quite pretty. But I am confused by what you think this phrase it mean. I have heard New Zealand call two players the "pretty boy". One is the Daniel Carter, he is pretty sė, and he looks like a boy sė. Also one is the Carlos Spencer, he is pretty no, and he does not look like a boy.

I do not understand what you say.

Andrea Masi he is pretty sė, but he is not a boy! Andrea Masi looks like a Fabio - the other one.

I think that you in New Zealand, you should keep your pretty boys also the ones who aren't pretty. We Italians we keep our pretty men. I hope that you will agree!

I have told you that I have not watch this game, but this is not important. The score is important, and the score is very good. Also very good is the tries. We have four players who score the tries, and they are four Italian heroes.

The Azzurri are Italian heroes. The Azzurri have great win against the Canada. The Azzurri play well and it is preparation for the All Blacks that is good. The Azzurri are brave, but still I have a worry.

I worry about the All Blacks, and the Azzurris' white shorts!


Let us know what you think!

Good to hear from your again JPG, and good luck to your beloved Azzurri on the weekend. Hopefully you will need it!

As for the topic of pretty boys and men what is the Italian take on Ma'a Nonu and his eyeliner?

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