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The sky has fallen
The sky has fallen
(At the age of 10 bunnies get teeth)

The sky is dark; there is a cold chill in the air; the population is in morning; children are crying; the beer has gone flat; food has no flavour; the drought has worsened; cows are giving sour milk; and hell has finally frozen over.  So this is what it feels like to be a NSW supporter!  Or a kiwi supporter during the RWC.


After 9 glorious seasons in the sun a dark shadow has descended in QLD and self doubt has reared its ugly head. What makes it worse is that the Reds just didnít loose they were thrashed.  The humiliation, the pain and Iím off to form an ugly mob (well Iím in it) to go and burn down QRU HQ and try to expunge the shame and this unclean feeling.


There is only one silver lining to this cloud and that is, Miller has to get sacked after that.  No QLD coach in the Super 12 has ever lost to NSW before and that is inexcusable.  I have wanted someone to bring me Millerís head for some time now, but I will just add a clause to that, Vlad style!


Well done NSW you finally have a team that plays well and has the ability, grit, determination and self belief that has been absent these last 9 years.  And I for one must applaud your coach and your captain for getting NSW to the point where it has finally after 9 and I do mean 9 long and bitter years you have finally defeated that beautiful maroon jumper that now must be taken out and burnt. Along with anyone that suggests Miller has done a good job this year.


I canít do a match report but QLD are now well and truly ####ed for the remained of the season.  Thank God there is only one match to go.


Hurry up and make McKenzie the Wallaby coach so NSW can slide backwards into oblivion please.  However, I will now support NSW on its way to the finals for the rest of the year


God itís going to be a whole year of humiliation and self loathing until the match next year when QLD gets the chance to wash this spot of blood of my hands.


Let us know what you think!

Staggering news Geeves! May I suggest The Wallaby Shop as an excellent place to purchase your Waratahs supporters jersey and scarf.
Alternatively, you could get extremely drunk on flat warm Queensland beer...
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