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The Irish Win
The Irish Win
(Compared to last week, this is division 2!)

Don’t have time for a full comprehensive review as I spent more time listening to the Irish commentators who are an absolute classic unlike the match.


The comments were thick and fast, consequently far more entertaining than the match. I sat up and started to pay attention when one of them quipped after the opening score, “Ireland are in the lead, something they aren’t used too”.


I don’t know if they supply any drinks in the commentary box but I felt as though I was watching the match with mates, over beers, rather than first thing Sunday morning by myself. Hey all jokes aside at least I wasn’t nude and playing with myself.


As the commentators noted the game travelled from the “sublime to awful” and a real lack of consistency and numerous stoppages really failed to inspire the watcher and as they commented “Compared to last week, this is division 2!”


The win for the wallabies is possibly the worst thing that could have happened. As now comments like “we have turned the corner”, “its all up hill from here” and “the monkey is off the back”, can flow over and put a façade over the creaking cracks that exist in wallaby rugby.


I have been braying for Chucky to retire since the 2001 tour when the Wallabies were touched up by all and sunder and they still haven’t addressed the problems I identified way back then, the forwards, weird positional selections and players playing past their use by date.


The wallabies tour record in the NH must be about as good as Millers record with QLD rugby.


Okay I concede we have had those massive away wins against the traditional powerhouses of Spain and Italy. But when the wallabies put in a performance that the commentators rightly described as “division 2” and “a very drab contest, not at all what you expect from these teams”.


I love the fact that they are the most coached side in tactics (according to the spin doctors) and the funny thing is that the least Chucky coached players are crossing the line. Mitchell who still has a lot of development left has notched up 4 tries in 3 games and none of these tries can from planned moves.


While as the commentators mentioned “at least we have had one spark of individuality in this match” when Latham just went #### if and went for the line and scored the try of the match unlike most of the game where it was “rugby by numbers” that ranged from the “ridiculous to the sublime”.


Roll on the spin doctors for this week and make a mountain out of a mole hill: Will or won’t Gregan retire?; Wallaby rugby has turned the corner; The bravery of the injured players who will line up next week so they don’t let down their mates; etc, etc .


Excuse me while I reach for the bucket.


Until the serious issues are addressed we will simply be deluding ourselves. If issues such as forward dominance, dropping players for poor form and outmoded tactics are not addressed then the plaster will crack big time in next years Tri-nations and the skeleton of wallaby rugby will be exposed.


As the commentators stated “this is division 2”.


Let us know what you think!

Fully agree Geeves, Eddie Munster has worn out his welcome. Geeves for Wallaby coach I say!!

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