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Refs Report - Sounding off on the World Cup Selections
Refs Report - Sounding off on the World Cup Selections
(Hmm, a few too many Pommies in there)

You may have missed the news over the week-end that the Referees for the World Cup have been named.

I have secretly been looking forward to this list for sometime. Well not so secretly, that I didn't comment on Officials whom I though should be selected.

There are sixteen in total, and another gaggle of touch judges - the only TJs that I know of are Steven Walsh (Junior - North Harbor) and Steve Lander (Eng), whom I reviewed in the NZ Maoris Vs. Scotland game early this year.

Of the Referees chosen, the following nine, I think, are good choices: Derek Bevan (Wal), Ed Morrison (Eng - is he the white haired one?), Jim Fleming (Scot), Andrew Cole, Stuart Dickinson, Peter Marshall, Wayne Erickson (Aus), Colin Hawke, Paddy O'Brien (NZ).

There are another five I don't know anything about (or can't remember who they are).

And then there are the worrying ones. Of course, one of THEM is from New Zealand! Paul Honiss - he who did his best to control the Crusaders Vs. Blues game, and instead entrenched the use of the word "Bugger!" associated with a Rugby match.

I've only seen him once since then, as a TJ, and he didn't do too much to raise my ire then. Not that I don't think that everybody should have a chance at redemption, but at the World Cup?

Our old mate Andre Watson (Sth Afr). Is it only the last two matches that he has Ref'ed the Crusaders? it seems much longer! More about him in my Semi Final Referees' review. Suffice to say there are better Referees out there.

Unlucky to miss out: Tapa Henning (South Africa), who whistled the Crusaders Vs. ACT Brumbies match. IMHO he is one of the best Refs I have seen this year. It is a travesty that Andre Watson is there instead. Of course we don't know, Tapa might have work commitments, or is so in favor of running rugby that he can't bear to go to the UK!

Steve Lander (Eng), as I said I have only seen him once in the Maori's Vs. Scotland game, but he did fairly well. He apparently was one of the first 3 profession Refs appointed by the English RFU last November (thanks Rugbyheaven) so I imagine that he is fairly pissed about only being a TJ.

Steven Walsh (Junior - North Harbour), is going as a TJ. Unlucky because he injured his Achilles pre-season. If he had continued on from the end of last years NPC, Paul Honiss wouldn't have been there in his place.

The complete list is given below (copied from Rugbyheaven)

Referees {with links to games reviewed this year}

Derek Bevan, Clayton Thomas (Wales)
Brian Campsall, Chris White, Ed Morrison (England)
David McHugh (Ireland)
Jim Fleming (Scotland)
Joel Dume (France)
Andrew Cole {Highlanders Vs. Stormers}
Stuart Dickinson {Crusaders Vs. Sharks}
Peter Marshall {Semi-final Highlanders Vs. Stormers}
Wayne Erickson (Australia)
Colin Hawke, Paul Honnis {Crusaders Vs. Blues}
Paddy O'Brien (NZ) {Crusaders Vs. Highlanders}
Andre Watson (Sth Africa) {Crusaders Vs. Warratahs}


Let us know what you think!

I'd have to say there are far too many English refs on that list!

The Scots, French, Irish and Sth Africans must be particularly miffed at that since they only got one ref on the list each!

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