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There's life in the old RugbyHeads yet!
There's life in the old RugbyHeads yet!
(let's go!)

Holy #$?%! Was that an update? I'm sure some of the pages just got shuffled around (and some new bugs introduced no doubt) and our logo got some fancy footie ball stuck on the end!

Yes indeed rumours of the death of RugbyHeads would appear to have been nothing more than that. I know it may sound as unlikely to you as SBW transferring to Canterbury and then getting fast tracked in to the All Blacks, but it's true!

Chief Rugbyhead Jules Cone is working on rebooting the site, "Batman Begins" style, we are bringing back the Articles section and hopefully getting things cooking again for this big Rugby year ahead.

Feel free to check out the old articles right now, and stay tuned for more details...

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(Although it could have just been on the Reload button doing some serious ego padding!)