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It's still the bloody cricket season!
It's still the bloody cricket season!
(and the ODI WC has just begun)

Heck, we almost have another world cup to go before the world cup. But it's only cricket, so don't worry too much. It is starting soon, but. Apparently this year it being held in 17 different nations as the ICC attempts to go multi-national. I hope nobody tells whoever is in charge of that titanic corporation that there are more planets in the solar system. Eight more, right?

Here's a list of ten things rugby can learn from cricket:

  1. When new forms of the game crop up, make sure everyone is playing all of them. Like if rugby developed a shorter, faster format make sure all the old retired players are paid enough so that they turn out for a globe-trotting series of games. That will ensure your new format will become well-loved, financially viable and an all round success.
  2. When a guy cheats, make sure you bend the rules a few degrees so that guy is no longer a cheat. So say there's a rugby player who is really good, but because of some defect in his elbow he always tackles high. Take this guy away to a special lab somewhere in Australia and measure tackles in a lab and then implement a rule according to the flex in his elbow. Tell everyone that everyone tackles high to some degree so it should just be accepted as part of the game.
  3. When you get a world cup make sure and stage it in as many different places as possible.
  4. Make sure and listen very carefully to what national administrators think is good for the international game. So if one national body doesn't want to try something new make sure they can veto it. Oh, and make sure you have a system where nations can team up to force international decisions. We wouldn't want another Australian in charge of rugby!
  5. When terrorists threaten you, move away as noisily yet passively as possible. Be sure and alienate teams from their own national boundaries.
  6. If a guy jumps in the air while over the sideline then the ball is still playable.
  7. Advertisements between scrum resets.
  8. One invitational team playing a few matches every now and then isn't enough and won't last even as a well-respected tradition. Every single tournament needs to be filled with teams that have numerous imports and guest players.
  9. The free hit rule for when an opposition player crosses the line.
  10. UDRS decisions available on every play.

If rugby steals these ten ideas from cricket and institutes them immediately, we may be able to save the greatest sport in the known universe.


Let us know what you think!

Ha ha! A bloody good start to your RugbyHeads writing career Stripe (the fan formerly known as Stipe). Go the Black Caps!

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